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S. Aveline1 and R. Mohan Kumar2
1Research Scholar, Department of Management Studies, Bharath University, Chennai, India.
2Director, Management Studies, Sri Krishna Engineering College, Chennai, India.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2018;12(2):721-724 | © The Author(s). 2018
Received: 15/10/2017 | Accepted: 10/11/2017 | Published: 30/06/2018

In this paper the various  health  issues faced  by employees working in software companies in Chennai has been discussed.  It is very important for the employees to be in good health and sound condition.  To perform their jobs.  Though employees are in  good job roles and designation they have a lack of health due to which they may be unable to perform their duties. Employees who are having more experience are considered to have health issues such as stress, depression , eyes and backbone problems when compared to the freshers or new joinees. Health issues which are found out in the initial stage can be treated and they can react accordingly. Unhealthy food habits have caused obesity and  insomnia in employees working in software companies.  Depending on the shift jobs which they work for. Proper scheduled food habits and counselling may lead to healthy work life and employee engagement in software industries.


Stress, Depression, Back Pain, Employees, Software company

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