Ali Jaafar Baqer Al-Sharqi

Department of Periodontology, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.


Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver cause by viral infections which effect cells in the tissue of the liver. Periodontal disease is a bacterial inflammatory disease that affects the gingiva and bone supporting the teeth. This study aimed to evaluate and compare the periodontal clinical parameters of patients with hepatitis B virus and hepatitis B and C super-infection. Sample population consisted of 23 patients had hepatitis B and 20 patients with both hepatitis B and C viruses infection. While the control group consisted of 20 healthy individuals without hepatitis. Males and females were included with age range (40-50) years old. The periodontal clinical parameters were examined and recorded for each group. The results showed highly significant difference between the study and control groups for all the clinical parameters (plaque and gingival index, pocket depth and clinical attachment level. Also high significant differences were reported for all the clinical periodontal parameters when comparing between patients with virus B infection and patients with both virus B and virus C infection. The patients with hepatitis had worse periodontal health than the healthy persons, and in comparison, the patients with hepatitis B and C viruses had worse periodontal health than hepatitis B patients.

Keywords: Periodontal, patients, hepatitis B and C, viruses.