P Balakrishna1, 2, Rajasekhar Pinnamaneni3, 4*, K.V. Pavani5
and R.K. Mathur1

 1ICAR-Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research, Pedavegi-534 450, A.P, India.
2Department of Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India.
3Department of Biotechnology, Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Yamnampet, Ghatkesar, Hyderabad-501 301, India.
4Department of Biotechnology, K L University, Greenfields, Vaddeswaram, Guntur District-522 502, A.P 5Department of Biotechnology, Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad-500 090, India.


Oil palm Elaeis guineensis Jacq is the highest oil-yielding perennial plant. In this paper, Genotypic and phenotypic correlation coefficients and path analysis study was discussed conducted on 58 Indian Oil palm genotypes for twenty four characters. Fresh fruit bunch yield (FFBY) was found to be significantly and positively correlated with bunch dry weight, bunch index, average bunch weight, number of bunches, total dry matter, number of leaflets and oil to bunch ratio. Path coefficient analysis also showed that bunch dry weight, bunch index, average bunch weight, number of bunches and total dry matter had maximum positive effect on FFBY. Hence these are the most potent characters influencing FFBY per palm in the selection programme.

Keywords: Oil palm, Fresh fruit bunch yield, path analysis, correlation.