S.A. Belorkar and H. Kausar

Department of Microbiology and Bioinformatics, Bilaspur University, Bilaspur.


Xylanases shows a large variety of function and have unique importance in the biotechnology and industries due to their potential applications. The major applications of Xylanases are in Textile industry, Biofuel production, Bread making, Pulp bleaching and Food industries. This study is focused on identification and screening of fungi, which can produce Xylanase. Xylanase producing fungi were obtained by congo red method of screening from soil collected from different area. The selection was done on the basis of colony size maximum dimeter 2.5. Four isolates showed clear zone around them that proving to be xylanolytic in nature. The maximum clear zone diameter was measured to be around 7.50 cm in Apergillus versicolor.

Keywords: Xylanase,  Prelimnary Screening, molds.