Hayder Hamzah Ibrahim1, Yahya Sabah Abdulameer2* and Hassan AL-Saffar1

 1Technical Institute Babil, Al Furat Al-Awast Technical University, Iraq.
2Department of Animal and Poultry public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Al Qasim GreenUniversity, Babylon, Iraq.


Pasteurella multocida is one among the potent pathogen, which possess the ability to cause a range of pathogenic diseases in zoonotic organisms such as chicken, swine, cattle etc. Currently many research studies convey that there is a potential relationship between P. multocida infections to leukemia. Leukemia is the condition of cancer which is characterised by the increased number of White Blood Cells. There is paucity of knowledge about Etiology of Pasteurella multocida infections associated Leukemia and its earlier detection by genetic markers.
Keywords: Pasteurella multocida, Cancer, leukemia, Molecular markers,
Lymphoblastic, hemorrhagic septicaemia.