*Halemah Mohamed Abulkasim, G. S. Shukla,  H K Bajaj and Harrison Masih.

*Department of Clinical laboratory Sciences-Faculty of Health Science, SHUATS, Allahabad-211007. U.P. (India)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22207/JPAM.11.4.29

(Received: 01 October 2017; accepted: 30 November 2017)


Throat swabs were collected to isolate S. aureus by using blood agar media. Biochemical tests were performed. Genomic DNA was isolated and PCR was done for ermA, ermB and erm C genes followed by bioinformatics analysis. Isolates were screened on erythromycin disc (erythromycin range 1- 125mg/l). All 47 S. aureus isolates found to be resistance to erythromycin by phenotypic methods contained at least 1 were erythromycin resistance gene. That’s mean all S. aureus isolates which were resistance to erythromycin by disc diffusion method were found as positive by PCR for erm A, B, and C genes.

Keywords: Throat swabs, bacteria,ermA, ermB, ermC.