Pinkal Patel and Ratna Trivedi

Department of Microbiology, Shree Ramkrishna Institute of Applied Sciences,
M.T.B College Campus, Athwalines, Surat – 395 001, Gujarat, India.


The macrofungi thrive in different four areas namely Vansda, Waghai, Kaprada, Aamolia region. Maximum Microbial diversity was observed in  sample collected from waghai location includes, Taxa_S-31, Individual-31, Dominance_D-0.032 , Simpson_1-D-0.96, Shannon_H-3.434 , Evenness- 1, Brillouin-2.519, Menhinick-5.568, Margalef-8.736, Equitability J-1, Fisher Alpha-0, Berger-Parker-0.322,Chao-496. The decrease numbers of specimens consistently found with the location Waghai,  Whittaker- 0.16129, Harrison-  0.0046083, Cody- 4, Wilson-shmida- 4.6452, Mourelle- 0.13272 followed by Kaparada and Vansda region.

Keywords: Diversity indices, Alpha and Beta Diversity, Macrofungi.