Manal Mohammed Alkhulaifi

King Saud University, College of Science, Department of Botany and Microbiology,
Box Office: 55670, 11544 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Biofilms are always a major concern in the healthcare field and food industry. The resistant properties of biofilm that allow bacteria to persist are difficult to study. Biofilms are often more resistant to antibiotics than individual planktonic cells. Thus, alternative strategies for managing biofilm formation are needed. Currently, using phages as anti-biofilm agents has been suggested. In this review, some of the diverse strategies, reported in previous studies, for preventing biofilm formation are discussed. Use of phages as anti-biofilm agents can involve phage application prior to biofilm formation, application to biofilms that are already formed, or using phages in association with other mechanisms to physically disrupt the biofilm. The development of novel methods as anti-biofilm agents will add an important dimension to the search for new potent compounds for preventing biofilm-associated infections.

Keywords: Phages, Biofilm, Bacteria, Antibiotics, Resistance.