Anjil Kumar, Anis Mirza*, Davinder, Bhupinder Singh,
Sudhir Pratap and Rupinder Singh

Department of Horticulture, School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara – 144 401, Punjab, India.


An experiment on effect of pruning, micronutrients and PGRs on the plant spread, pre-harvest fruit drop and quality of Kinnow Mandarin fruit was studied. The experiment was arranged into Randomised Block Design with 13 treatments and replicated thrice. Two foliar sprays at 15 days interval were carried out in the month of November on both plants (pruned and un-pruned plant). The results revealed that the combine application of pruning, zinc sulphate (250 ppm) and GA3 (50 ppm) showed better performance significantly increases the plant height, number of fruits and decreases the pre-harvest fruit drop, peel thickness, acidity of fruits. In case of combine applications of pruning, zinc sulphate (250 ppm) and kinetin (50 ppm) significantly increased spread, girth of plant and weight of the fruits and pruning with boron (250 ppm) and GA3 (50 ppm) increased the TSS, TSS/acid ratio and ascorbic acid.

Keywords: Kinnow  Mandarin,  Pruning,  Micronutrients,  PGRs.