K.D. Mevada1, S.J. Chaudhary1, K.C. Ombase1 and
M.M. Chaudhary2

1Department of Agronomy, BACA, AAU, Anand, Gujarat, India.
2Agricultural Officer, NIRP, AAU, Khandha, Gujarat, India.


A field experiment was carried out at Agronomy Farm, B. A. College of Agriculture, Anand Agricultural University, Anand, Gujarat during the summer season of the year 2015 to study the effect of time of sowing, row spacing and variety on summer cluster bean under middle Gujarat conditions, in loamy sand soil. Eighteen treatment combinations comprised of three dates of sowing viz., D1: (21st January); D2: (1st February) and D3: (11th February) as main plot treatments and combination of three different row spacing viz., S1: 30 cm; S2: 45 cm; and S3: 60 cm along with two varieties V1 (GG 1) and V2 (GG 2) as sub plot treatments, were laid out in Split Plot Design with three replications. Results revealed that treatment combination D3S1V2 (sowing on 11th February with 30 cm row spacing with variety GG 2) recorded significantly higher seed yield (1476 kg ha-1) which was found at par with treatment combination D2S3V2 (sowing on 1st February with 60 cm row spacing with variety GG 2). However, maximum net realization (Rs.50667 ha-1) and BCR (4.53) were obtained under treatment combination D2S3V2, followed by D3S1V2 with net realization of Rs.48511 ha-1 and BCR of 4.24.

Keywords: Time of sowing, row spacing, variety, cluster bean.