M.D. Shrimali, N.M. Shah, B.S. Chandel, H.C. Chauhan, S.S. Patel, K.B. Patel, B.K. Patel, A.G. Bhagat, S.I. Patel, A.I. Dadawala, J.D. Shah, Manish Rajgor, R.P. Pandya, A.C. Patel, M.A. Patel, J.K. Kala and M.G. Patel

Department of Veterinary Microbiology, Veterinary College, S.D.A.U., Sardarkrushinagar, India.


Brucellosis is an important zoonosis and a significant cause of reproductive losses in animals. Abortion, placentitis, epididymitis and orchitis are the most common clinical manifestations in animals. The present study a total of 168 clinical samples were collected from buffaloes (87) and cattle (81). All clinical samples were processed by cultural isolation on Brucella agar medium (BAM) with selective antibiotic supplements and genus specific PCR using B4/B5 (223bp) and F4/R2 (905bp) primer. Out of 168 clinical samples 15 samples yielded Brucella isolates by cultural isolation and 19 samples positive for Brucella organism by genus specific PCR. All genus specific PCR positive 19 samples also positive by Species specific PCR based on omp31, B. abortus +IS711 (498bp) primer. Amplicon of 498bp by B. abortus +IS711 primers indicates that all nineteen samples of cattle and buffaloes were found to be Brucella abortus.

Keywords: Brucella abortus, Cultural isolation, Molecular characterization, PCR.