Vishnuvardhan Reddy Sultanpuram* and Thirumala Mothe

Microbial Ecology Laboratory, Department of Applied Biosciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Anneparthy, Yellareddygudem (PO), Nalgonda – 508 254, Telangana, India.


Six novel Gram-stain-positive, rod shaped strains of bacteria designated as 10nlgT, 25nlgT, SPT, S5T, S7T and S9T which were isolated from marine ecosystems and soda lake from India, represents novel members of the family Bacillaceae. Apart from 10nlgT, 25nlgT and SPT all the other three strains represented members of novel genus from the family. Here we report the draft genome of the strains 10nlgT, 25nlgT, SPT, S5T, S7T and S9T. Strains 10nlgT, 25nlgT and SPT genomes comprised ~ 2.93 Mb, ~ 2.58 Mb and ~ 5.87 Mb with the G + C content of 47.13 %, 43.26 % 44.85 %, respectively. A total of 2772 protein-coding genes in strain 10nlgT, 2581 protein-coding genes in strain 25nlgT and 5199 protein-coding genes in strain SPT were reported. Strain S5T genome comprised ~ 2.52 Mb with the G + C content of 37.08 % and a total of 2407 protein-coding genes. Strains S7T and S9T genomes comprised ~ 3.61 Mb, ~ 4.43 Mb with the G + C content of 47.65 %, 42.42 % and a total of 3662, 4232 protein-coding genes, respectively.

 Keywords: Compatible solute producing, Firmicutes, Whole genome sequencing.