Abdulaziz Yahya Alghamdi

Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Albaha, Saudi Arabia.


Microbial oils might become one of the important and effective feed-stocks for biodiesel production in the near future. The use of these oils is currently hot topics in research in order to reduce production costs associated with the fermentation process, which is a crucial factor to increase economic feasibility. An important way to reduce processing costs is the use of wastes as carbon sources. The growth of local isolate K. lactis gradually increase as NaCl increased in the growth medium up to 6% (w/v). The highest percentage of increase was 178.38% on 2% NaCl containing medium. While glycerol and total lipids increased with 133.61 and about 56 % as NaCl increased in up to 8%. However, phospholipids significantly increased (P < 0.001) but neutral lipids and sterol decreased as NaCl increased in the growth medium. Stearic (18:0) and behenic (22:0) fatty acids increased while oleic (18:1) and linolenic (18:3) decreased. On the other hand, palmetic (16:0), linoleic (18:2), arachidic (20:0) and lignocaric (24:0) fatty acids appeared in presence of NaCl in the growth medium.

Keywords: Kluyveromyces lactis, Stress, Sodium chloride, Lipids.