Vinod Upadhyay*, K.P.S. Kushwaha and Puja Pandey

Department of Plant Pathology, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand – 236 145, India.


Among 46 numbers of total germplasms screened, two germplasms Pant P 244 and Pant P 42 showed moderate resistant, 13 germplasms were moderately susceptible, 29 germplasms were found susceptible and two germplasms HFP-4 and HUVP 1 were found highly susceptible. Moderately resistant germplasm showed low AUDPC value (160.83-188.33) with slow infection rate (0.054-0.062). Pustule appeared on these genotypes were small (1.5-1.7mm) as compare to other susceptible genotypes whereas moderately susceptible genotypes scored AUDPC value from 175.83-437.50 with infection rate of 0.051-0.095. Size of the pustules showed high variation of 1.3-4.4mm. Genotypes with susceptible reaction showed AUDPC value of 292.50-797.50. Infection rate was ranged from 0.055-0.113 with pustule size of 2.9-4.8mm. Those genotypes which fall under highly susceptible reaction (HFP-4 and HUVP-1) scored highest AUDPC value of 1078.33-1223.33 with 0.064-0.075 infection rate. They showed largest pustule size of 4.2-4.6mm. Thus, two genotypes showing moderately resistant reaction in the following experiment can be fruitfully integrate with reduced number of fungicidal spray to obtain maximum yield with minimal rust severity.

Keywords: Germplasm, Area under disease progress curve (AUDPC), Pustule, Resistant, Susceptible.