M Ashwini* and Nikhita Desai

AICRP on EAAI (Bioconversion Technology), Main Agriculture Research Station, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad-580 005, Karnataka, India.

Received on 09 August 2016 and accepted on 15 September 2016


An investigation was undertaken to study effect of medicinal plant extracts/bulb extracts viz bael (50 and 70%), tulsi (50 and 100%), Garlic (5 and 10%) on shelf life of guava. The Physiological loss of weight in guava fruits showed an increasing trend in all the treatments. Contrary to this acidity decreased with storage. However, there was an increase in pH with extension of storage period. The total soluble solids of fruits first increased upto a certain period and there after decreased .Bulb extracts of garlic @ 10 per cent were most effective of all the treatments with minimum spoilage percentage followed by garlic extracts @ 5 per cent concentration and tulsi extracts at 100 per cent concentration. In the present study bael extracts (50 and 100 per cent concentrations) were not effective in extending the shelf life guava (Cv Allahabad Safeda).The investigation concludes that the shelf life of guava fruits Cv Allahabad Safeda can be extended from 4 to 7 days by treating the fruits with 10 per cent garlic extract.

Keywords :

Guava fruits, Tulsi ,Garlic ,Bael extract.