Shweta Kumari, H.A. Prameela and Manjunath S. Hurakadli

University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru, India.

Received on 03 May 2016 and accepted on 21 June 2016



The field trial was laid out at Hort. Research Station of Division of Horticulture, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru 2013 during China aster growing seasons to evaluate the efficacy of different insecticides viz., Carbofuran, Imidacloprid (Confidor 20%), Thiomethoxam (Actara 25 WG)) and Acetamiprid (Acelan 20% SL ) applied individually and in combination at recommended dose for management of phyllody disease. Of the different treatments combined application of carbofuran + imidacloprid + thiomethoxam + acetamiprid was effective against China aster phyllody phytoplasma. Carbofuran was least effective in controlling the phyllody disease incidence.

Keywords :

 Callistephus chinensis (China aster), Phytoplasma, Insecticides, Phyllody.