Girish Tantuway, Shreekant S. Patil, Hanamaraddi Kencharaddi, Aman Tigga and Vinayak Edke

Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad – 580 005,India

Received on 10 August and accepted on 20 October



Main focus of this study was to calculate the heritability for seed cotton yield based on regression approach by utilising the ten F5 and ten F6 lines of two populations derived from a heterotic box. Ten F6 lines of RSG group derived from (DSMR-10 X DSG-3-5) cross were regressed over same F5 lines for seed cotton yield. Similar procedure was done for lines of RGR group (DRGR-32-100 X DRGR-24-178) cross. By utilising the regression value heritability of seed cotton yield was calculated as suggested by Smith and Kinman, 1965. The narrow sense heritability for RSG group and RGR group lines was 24.90 and 21.21 per cent. Broad sense heritability was also calculated based on RBD analysis separately for RSG and RGR group lines.


Consistency of combining ability, heritability, RSG group and RGR group