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Antimutagenic Activity of Lactobacillus spp. Isolated from Fresh Vegetables against Sodium Azide and 2-Nitrofluorene

Reza Kazemi Darsanaki1*, Khosro Issazadeh2, Mohammad Reza Majid Khoshkholgh Pahlaviani2 and Morteza Azizollahi Aliabadi2

Pages: 1677-1682

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Biodiesel Production and Biotechnological Applications from Microalgae Isolated from Water System of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

E.N. Sholkamy1, A. Abdel-Megeed1,2, Elnakieb3,4, A.A. Fatma and A. Al-Arfaj1

Pages: 1653-1662

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Presence of Antimicrobial Activity in the Mucus of Chame Fish (Dormitator latifrons)

Mario Del Rosario1, Helena De la Torre1, Daniel Reyes1, Alvaro Noboa1, Luis Salazar1, Ecuador Marcillo2, Jerry Landívar1 and Marcelo Muñoz1

Pages: 1615-1622

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