Muayad A. Hussein1, Hayder A. Muhammid2,
Ihab G. AL-Shemmariand Yasser J. Jameel4

1Department of Pathology, College of Vet.Med. University of Kerbala. Iraq.
2Department of Microbiology, College of Vet.Med. University of Kerbala. Iraq.
3Department of Vet.Internal and Preventive medicine, College of Vet.Med, University of Kerbala. Iraq.


Diagnosis of ovine brucellosis infection inthe ram hasepididymitis and orchitis   has not been established. The aim of this study,to investigate the diagnostic value of ELISA, Histopathology and PCR for ovine brucellosis in ram in Karbala city. 30 ram’s serum and semen were collected from ram for serological and molecular assay, in addition three testicular tissueswere castrated from ram forhistopathological diagnosis of Ovine brucellosis. Sensitivity and specificity of ELISA and PCR were 80% ,70%; and 87.5%, 57.14%; respectivel,Palpable enlargement of the epididymis and testicular hypoplasia. Sensitivity by ELISA was higher in the ovine brucellosis detection    than PCR, but specificity values were lower. Grossly visible lesions in the epididymis associated with Ram Brucellosis withPocket of inspissate material resulting from extravasation of sperm.

Keywords: ELISA, histopathology, PCR molecular tests, brucellosis,Ram.