Bacterial Contamination in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus): Evidence from Saudi Arabia

Omar H.M. Shair*, Rasheed M. Al-Ssum and Ashraf A. Hatamleh

Pages: 743-747

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Production and Partial Purification of Laccase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa ADN04

T. Arunkumar1*, D. Alex Anand2 and G. Narendrakumar3

Pages: 727-731

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Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Buffalo and Cattle

Jafar Khan1, Sultan Ayaz2, Naser M. AbdElsalam3, Riaz Ullah4 and Taif Shah1

Pages: 721-726

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Optimization of Production and Factors Affecting the Stability of a New Protease Produced by...

Mohammed I.A. Ali1, Wael N. Hozzein2,3*, Ahmed M. Reyad3,4 and Mohammed S. Abdel Hameed3,4

Pages: 703-707

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Cerastes cerastes gasperettii venom Induced Hematological Alterations and Oxidative Stress in Male Mice

Mohamed K. Al-Sadoon1*, Marwa M.S. Diab2, Amira A. Bauomy3 and Ahmed E. Abdel Moneim3

Pages: 693-702

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Relation of Bacteriological Water and Air Quality in Dentistry Center

Masoumbeigi Hossein1*, Kardanyamchi Hossein2, Sepandi Mojtaba3 and Esmaeili Davood4*

Pages: 681-692

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