Bio Evaluation of Different Fractions of Gazania rigens

Kommidi Devendar Reddy1, Kandappa Himakar Reddy2, Moodley Brenda1, Koorbanally N.A.1 and Govender Patrick2

Pages: 4451-4453

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Organic Acid Production as a Function of Phosphate Solubilization by Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strain An-G...

Ranjna Sharma1, Sheetal Rana1, S.P. Singh2 and Mohinder Kaur3

Pages: 4715-4718

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Evaluation of Some Marine Animals as Bio-indicators of Metal Pollution in the Red...

Mohamed Afifi1,2*, Ali Alkaladi1, Osama AbuZinada1, Nabil Zaki Zahed1 and Michel Couderchet3

Pages: 4407-4414

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Occurrence, Severity and Farmers’ Cultural Practices for Management of Fusarium Wilt (Fusarium udum Butler)...

Jay Prakash Singh, Amit Kumar Singh, Surinder Kaur, Seweta Srivastava* and V.B. Chauhan

Pages: 4931-4937

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Brine Shrimps Toxicity and In vitro Antibacterial Potentials of the Crude Methanolic Stem...

Olubunmi A. Wintola, Olufunmiso O. Olajuyigbe and Anthony J. Afolayan*

Pages: 4325-4334

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