Electromagnetic Fields for the Treatments of Wastewater: A Review of Applications and Future Opportunities

Ali Yadollahpour1*, Samaneh Rashidi1, Zohre Ghotbeddin2, Mostafa jalilifar1 and Zohreh Rezaee1

Pages: 3711-3719

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Antimicrobial Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: A Review of Current Techniques and Mechanisms of...

Ali Yadollahpour*, Mostafa Jalilifar and Samaneh Rashidi

Pages: 4031-4043

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Expression and SNP Analysis of Bovine TLR3 Gene in FMD Infected Cattle

Sutopa Das1*, Arun Prasad2, Krishna Sarma1, Subhash Medhi3, Sujoy Bose3 and Manab Deka3

Pages: 4051-4060

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Conformational Changes in Testis Specific Homing Peptide in Polar and Apolar Environment

Vikas D. Dighe1, Arvind Kumar Singh1, Dimpal Thakuria1 and Satish Kumar1*

Pages: 4171-4176

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Association of Antioxidant Enzymes and MDA level in Diabetic Nephropathy Patients in Indore Region...

Meena Varma1*, Kamal Kachhawa1*, Ankita Sahu1 and Poonam Kachhawa2

Pages: 4137-4141

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Antimicrobial Activity of Banana (Musa paradisiaca L.) Peels against Food Borne Pathogenic Microbes

Zuvairea Nazren Mohd Sirajudin1, Qamar Uddin Ahmed2*, Ahmed Jalal Khan Chowdhury1, El Zawane Kamarudin1, Abdul Viqar Khan3, ABM Helal Uddin2 and Najiah Musa4

Pages: 3627-3639

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Characterization of Salt Tolerant Enterobacter hormaechei Strain associated with Tomato Root Grown in Arid...

D. Egamberdieva1,2, H. Botir3, Hashem Abeer4 and Abd-Allah E.F.5*

Pages: 4231- 4239

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Prevalence of ESBL, MBL and Ampc-β- Lactamases Producing Multidrug Resistance Gram Negative Bacteria in...

Jayanti Jena1, Rajesh Kumar Sahoo2, E. Subudhi2* and N.K. Debata1*

Pages: 4099-4105

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Deciphering Rhizospheric Bacterial Diversity Associated with Three Threatened Medicinal Plants of Amarkantak Region in...

Vasudha Singh1, Shivesh Sharma1*, Keshav Prasad Shukla1, Jyoti Singh1, Shikha Devi1, Ashish Tiwari1 and Rajkishor Gupta1

Pages: 4215-4220

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Impact of Blue Light from LED on Astaxanthin Accumulation and Transcription of Key...

Zhengquan Gao1#, Chunxiao Meng1#*, Yan Li2, Lihua Liu1, Guoqiang Li1, Suzhen Deng1,Yicheng Shen1, Haifeng Sun1, Guoqiang Chen1, Ruihao Zhang1 and Qingkai Zhang1

Pages: 3493-3499

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