Composition of Microbial Communities in Industrial Drain Outlets

Wang Zhonghua1,Yang Jianqiang2*, Zhang Dijun1, Zhou Jun1, Zhang Chundan1, Su Xiurong1* and Li Taiwu3

Pages: 807-815

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Role of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria in Crop Growth and Disease Management

Gorakh Nath Gupta1*, Seweta Srivastava2, Sunil Kumar Khare3 and Veeru Prakash1

Pages: 461-474

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Purification and Characterization of a Unique Chitinase from a Malbranchea chrysosporioidea Isolated from Chitin...

Dakshayani Lomada1*, Suneetha Nuthakki2, J. Venkata Narayana2 and G. Venkateswerlu3

Pages: 497-504

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Construction of Eukaryotic Expression Vector of Main B. Melitensis S19 Outer Membrane Proteins

Lei Yang, Xiangguo Wang, Lanjie lei, Guangdong Zhang, Qin Xu, Jianpo Zhang, Chunnan Zhang, Jiao Yu, Pengfei Lin, Yaping Jin, Aihua Wang*

Pages: 55-61

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Fatty Acids and Lipids Biosynthesis in Yeast and Plants

Mohammed A.T. Abdel-Reheem1,2*

Pages: 263-272

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Removal of Synthetic Textile Dyes using Aspergillus Species Isolated from Soil

A. Saranya, G. Roseline Jebapriya and J. Joel Gnanadoss*

Pages: 515- 522

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