Field Evaluation of Chitosan and Pseudomonas Sp. on the Biological Control of Tomato Leaf...

Shefali Mishra1, K.S. Jagadeesh1, P.U. Krishnaraj2, A.S. Byadagi3 and A.S. Vastrad4

Pages: 681-688

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Investigation on Iron Oxides Precipitated from FeSO4 by Klebsiella sp SU- 14

R. Jayalakshmi and Antony V. Samrot

Pages: 677-680

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Protective Effects of Ethanol Extract from Termite Fungus Garden on the SH-SY5Y Cell against...

Lirong Yan1, Ming Yu1, Wei Han1, Yanhua Chen1, Hongtu Zhou1, Wenbing Wang2 and Mandi Miao1

Pages: 635-639

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Isolation and Characterization of STEC with Particular Reference to O157 from Human and Animal...

Sheetal Pant, S. Rajagunalan*, Garima Bisht, S.P. Singh and Rashmi Singh

Pages: 627-633

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