Effect of Nitrogen Sources and C:N Ratio on Production of Manganese Peroxidase using Phanerochaete...

Alok Kumar Varshney1,2, Medicherla Krishna Mohan1,2, Ambarish Sharan Vidyarthi2, Vinod Kumar Nigam2* and Purnendu Ghosh1

Pages: 481-487

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Integrated Management of Alternaria Blight of Broccoli

M.H. Kabir1, M.M. Rashid2, M.R. Bhuiyan2, M.S. Mian2, M. Ashrafuzzaman4, M.Y. Rafii5,6 and M.A. Latif2,5*

Pages: 149- 158

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Olive Leaf Extract Trigger Defense Physiological Markers in Datura metel against Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Asma A. Al-Huqail, Faheema Khan, Nora Al-Zahim and Nagwa Mohamed Aref*

Pages: 825-842

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Protective Effects of Ethanol Extract from Termite Fungus Garden on the SH-SY5Y Cell against...

Lirong Yan1, Ming Yu1, Wei Han1, Yanhua Chen1, Hongtu Zhou1, Wenbing Wang2 and Mandi Miao1

Pages: 635-639

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Streptomyces sp D25 Isolated from Thar Desert Soil, Rajasthan producing Pigmented Antituberculosis Compound only...

M. Radhakrishnan1, R. Pazhanimurugan2, V. Gopikrishnan2, Vanaja Kumar1* and R. Balagurunathan2

Pages: 333-337

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Chemical Constituents of Pinus densiflora Oil and its Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic and Necrotic Responses

Mohammed A.T. Abdel-Reheem1,2*, Manawwer Alam1 and Emad M. El-Kholie3

Pages: 547-554

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