Plasmids Roles in Virulence of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. malvacearum (Xam) Races, the Causal Agent...

Khalid A. Ali AbdelRahim1,2*, M. M. Ibrahim1,3 and Gehan A. El-Gaaly4

Pages: 219-232

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Antifungal Protein ~35kDa Produced by Bacillus cereus Inhibits the Growth of Some Molds and...

Hany M. Yehia1,2*, Saleh H. Salmen3, Sulaiman Ali Alharbi3, Mohammad A. Khiyami4, Milton Wainwright3,5, Naiyf S. Alharbi3 and Arunachalam Chinnathambi3

Pages: 401-406

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Molecular Procedures for Detection of Mycotoxegenic Fungi in Wheat Supplies in Saudi Arabia

Khalid S. Al-Zuaagi1, Mohammed Abdo Moslem2*, Sarfaraz Hadi2 and Mohammed Rabbani2

Pages: 53-62

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A Pilot Study to Determine the Degree of Colonization of Pediatric Emergency Staff with...

Hashim Bin Salleeh1, Sulamain Ali Alharbi2*, Tahani Alahmadi1, Ibrahim Bin Salleeh2, Milton Wainwright2,3, Mohammad A. Khiyami4 and Hesham Khalil5

Pages: 479-482

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Molecular Identification of Four Botrytis Species Three of Them Associated with Neck Rot and...

Elsayed E. Hafez1, Emad el-Dein H. Wasfy2, Ahmed H.M. Ramadan3 and M. A. Abdel-Gayed3

Pages: 79-91

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