The Effect of Trace Element Addition on the Performance Efficiency of An Anaerobic Moving...

Sheli Chai1*, Jia Guo1, Yuan Chai2, Jing Cai1 and Qingwei Zhang3

Pages: 753-758

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Identification of Lettuce Storage Time based on Spectral Preprocessing Technology and PCA+SVM

Sun Jun1,2*, Jin Xiaming1, Mao Hanping2 and Wu Xiaohong1

Pages: 747-752

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Numbers and Types of Diatoms in Pearl River

Yuzhong Wang1, Yan Liu2, Sunlin Hu3, HuiPin Wang1, Jian Zhao3, HuiJun Wang1 and Chao Liu3*

Pages: 741-746

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Screening and Cultivation Conditions of a Bacteroides Strain from Tideland Soil

Quanquan Liu1, Lei Yang2 and Jingtang Zheng1*

Pages: 735-740

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Optimization of Infectious Bronchitis Virus Nucleocapsid Protein’s in-vitro Expression using Response Surface Methodology

Zhang De-Yong1*, Xu Xiao-Lu1, Shen Xiu-Ying2, Lu Yin1, Xu Hui-Ying1 and Hao Fei-Lin1

Pages: 727-733

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Characteristics of Chilling Symptoms of Cherry Tomato Compared to Beefsteak Tomato Harvested at Different...

Mohammad Zahirul Islam1, Jun Pill Baek1,2, Young-Sik Kim3 and Ho-Min Kang1,2*

Pages: 703-709

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Phylogenetic Relatoinships of Varieties of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) using DNA Markers

Yan-Lin Sun1*, Jun Pill Baek2, Mun-Haeng Lee3, Hee-Kyoung Lee3, Young-Sik Kim4, Soon-Kwan Hong5, She-Hwan Kim6, Hyang-Hee Hwang6, Mohammad Zahirul Islam7 and Ho-Min Kang7*

Pages: 687-693

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