Detection of Mycoplasma sp. in Vaccines Produced by Cell Culture

N. Rahimifard1,2, Sh. Shoeibi*1,2, M. Pirali Hamedani1,2, SR. Pakzad1,2, S. Ajdari3, H. Hajimehdipour1,2, F. Bagheri4, B. Mohamadpour4 and S. Shahbazi4

Pages: 63-65

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The Microbial Quality of Poultry Paste as Raw Material, Cooked and Raw Meats in...

N. Rahimifard1,2,* Sh. Shoeibi1,2, M. Pirali Hamedani1,2, M. Saleh3, Sh. Saadati2, F. Bagheri4 and Z. Noori2

Pages: 91-93

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Effect of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacterial Strains on Plant Growth of Green Gram (Vigna radiata)...

Meenu Rathi1, Deepak Kumar Malik2, Pankaj Bhatia3, Mukesh Kumar3, Aarti Dahiya1 and Baljit Singh Dahiya1*

Pages: 125-133

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Fingerprinting of Cellulose Degrading Bacteria from Agricultural Soils

Machiavelli2,3, N. Tejoprakash2 and Sunil Khanna1,2*

Pages: 143-150

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Comparative in vitro Microbial Efficacy of a Fixed Dose Combination of Pantoprazole and Metronidazole...

Sanjay Mohan Shrivastava1*, Dharmendra Rai1, Pravin Rishi2 and Pramod Kumar Pandey3

Pages: 267-272

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Antimicrobial Activity of Emblica officinalis Seeds on Human Pathogens

Y. Vimala1, K. Vijaya Rachel2 and A. Uma Sankar3

Pages: 219-222

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Quantitative Analysis of Pollution Indicator and Pathogenic Bacteria in River Tawi, J&K (India)

Roopma Gandotra1, Payal Andotra1, Hina1 and J.P. Sharma2

Pages: 109-116

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