Development of Multiplex-PCR Method to Detect Three Bacterial Species in Food and their Use...

Elgadafey Bashir H. Ahmed1, Nazik M. Eltayeb2, Mohamed Osman Elamin3*, Tassnym H. Sinky3, Ali M. Alshehri3, Ahmed A. Osman3 and Mashael S. Alfaifi3

Article: 7618 | Pages: 1350-1361

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Studying the Penetration Ability of Various Pathogenic Bacteria into Raw Beef Meat Surface and...

May Mohammed Ali1*, Masar R. Al-Mousawi1 and Rasha A. Abidalmutalib Aljabawi2

Article: 7520 | Pages: 1252-1262

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A Comparative Study on the Phenotypic Versus Molecular Identification of Clinical Dermatophytes

Namrata K. Bhosale1*, R. Prabha1, Rajesh Munuswamy2, S. Pramodhini1and Joshy M. Easow1

Article: 7462 | Pages: 1138-1146

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Prevalence of High Level Gentamicin Resistance among the Clinical Isolates of Enterococci Species

H.A. Arundathi1*, N. Prakash2, H.L. Halesh2 and K.C. Siddesh2

Article: 7293 | Pages: 1004-1009

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Mycelial Growth-promoting Potential of Extracellular Metabolites of Paraburkholderia spp. Isolated from Rhizopogon roseolus Sporocarp

Toga Pangihotan Napitupulu1,3, Sawithree Pramoj Na Ayudhya1,4, Tadanori Aimi2 and Norihiro Shimomura2*

Article: 7386 | Pages: 1154-1166

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