Aedes aegypti Pupae are Highly Susceptible to Infection by Metarhizium anisopliae Blastospores

Aline Teixeira Carolino1, Simone Azevedo Gomes1, Thais Bercot Pontes Teodoro1, Thalles Cardoso Mattoso2 and Richard Ian Samuels1*

Article: 5639 | Pages: 1629-1634

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Presence of Different Bacterial Species in Thermal Sources and Novelty in Their Industrial Enzyme...

Albayrak Seyda1 , Genc Berna2 , Ozkan Hakan1 , Taskin Mesut1* and Adiguzel Ahmet1*

Article: 5676 | Pages: 1375-1387

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Antioxidant and Quorum Quenching Activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa SU-18 of Some Edible Fruit Juices

Jenifer Selvarani A.1, Nishanthini P.1, Raji P.1, Sree Samanvitha K.2 , Ponnaiah Paulraj3, Iyappan P.3, Chandramohan M.3, and Antony V. Samrot3*

Article: 5863 | Pages: 1863-1876

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Ethnomedicinal Plants from Iraq as Therapeutic Agents against Mycobacterium tuberculosis: A Review

Ali Sami Dheyab1*, Ekremah Kheun Shaker2 and Abdul jabbar Khaleel Ibrahim2

Article: 5760 | Pages: 1419-1427

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Targeting Acyl Homoserine Lactone (AHL) of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Responsible for Biofilm Formation using Plant...

Sree Samanvitha K.1 , Sanjay Kumar S.1, Antony V. Samrot2*, Raji P.3, Ponnaiah Paulraj2, Iyappan P.2, Chandramohan M.2, Jenifer Selvarani A.3 and Durga Sruthi P.3

Article: 5772 | Pages: 1841-1846

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New Approach to Control Sclerotium rolfsii Induced Sugar Beet Root Rots Disease by Trichoderma...

Sawsan Abd Ellatif1* , Mohamed Medhat Gharieb2, Soliman M. El-Moghazy3, Mai N. Abo El-Yazied3 and Amal M. Bakry4

Article: 5703 | Pages: 1595-1604

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