Gold Nanoparticles Based Strategy for Detection of Microbial Gene Targets

Dheeraj Pal1*, Nongthombam Boby1, Gurpreet Kaur2, Syed Atif Ali2, Satish Kumar1 and Pallab Chaudhuri2

Pages: 2449-2452

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Effect of Bacopa monnieri Extract on Storage and Microbial Quality of Vacuum Packaged Chicken...

Tanuj Tanwar, Arvind Kumar*, Fahim Raja, Saniya B.Kamal and Sourab Dua

Pages: 1977-1986

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Growth Promotion of Transplanted Rice Plant by Fungal and Bacterial Bioagents Effective against Brown...

Harish Kumar1, Shafaat Ahmad1, Sunil Zacharia1, Dinesh Kumar1 and Aarif Khan2*

Pages: 2391-2395

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Evaluation of Phosphate Solubilization, Hydrolytic Enzyme and Metabolite Production Ability of Trichoderma spp. Isolated...

Sonika Pandey, Mukesh Srivastava, Anuradha Singh, Mohammad Shahid, Shubha Trivedi, Yatindra Kumar Srivastava, Ved Ratan and D.K. Srivastava*

Pages: 2165-2179

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Yeast from Pyrus ussuriensis Maxim Fruit Peel

Bei Zhanlin1*, Zhang Xin1, Han Peijie2, Zhang Andong1 and Zhang Hao1

Pages: 1943-1948

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Biological and Molecular Characterization of Cucumber Mosaic Virus Isolate Causing Severe Mosaic in Gherkin...

V.V. Kavyashri*, Anil Pappachan, A.S. Padmaja, N. Nagaraju and K.T. Rangaswamy

Pages: 2089-2098

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Characterization and Immobilization of Bacterial Consortium for its Application in Degradation of Dairy Effluent

Abhinav K. Srivastava1, S.V.S. Rana2, Tithi Mehrotra1 and Rachana Singh1*

Pages: 2199-2208

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Inactivation of Microorganisms with Neon Plasma Jet at Atmospheric Pressure

Murat Tanisli1*, Sercan Mertadam1, Nilgun Poyraz2, Neslihan Sahin1 and Suleyman Demir1

Pages: 1897-1904

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