Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 6 No. 1

Study the Effect of Various pH on the Protease Producing Capacity of Bacillus

Shivangi Rajput and Ela Tiwari

Government Girls Autonomous P.G. College, Saugor, - 470 002, India.

Received on 25 July 2011 and accepted on 05 September 2011



Bacillus was found to produce an extracelluar thermostable protease. The purified enzyme streaked on Nutrient Agar skimmed plates and from which zone producing cultures were screened for maximal activity. The culture was assayed for protease (Azocasein Assay) at different pH i.e. 7,8,9,10 and 11 from which it was found producing 78.5,92.9,101,88.6 and 48.4 units/ml/hr respectively from which culture was found showing maximal units at 9 pH and units found to be decreasing at 10 pH.

Keywords : Bacillus, Screening, Protease assay, pH optimization.