Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 6 No. 1

Antagonistic Activity of Phenolics Produced by Pisolithus sp. PT1

Lakshangy J. Chari, Saroj N. Bhosle and Sandeep Garg*

Department of Microbiology, Goa University, Taliegao Plateau, Goa - 403 206, India.

Received on 12 April 2011 and accepted on 04 June 2011



Pisolithus sp. PT1 was isolated from mushroom found in ectomycorrhizal association with Acacia mangium growing in mining affected region. The fungal isolate was characterised by morphological and molecular methods. The isolate produced brown phenolics compound in GMSM culture broth. The isolate produced more phenolics in the late growth phase and under submerged growth conditions. Antagonism activity of phenolics was prominent against Fusarium sp.. Spore pigment and culture filtrate with pH 3.0, but not at pH 5.0, significantly arrested the growth. Macrophomina phaesiolus and Sclerotia rolsii were not affected with any of the pigments. This study has given conclusive results that phenolics produced by this Pisolithus sp. PT1 isolate are potential antibiotic compounds and maximum production was between 20-60 days and under submerged growth conditions.

Keywords : Antagonism; phenolics; Pisolithus sp. PT1.