Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 6 No. 1

A Comparative Study on the Growth Rate of Homokaryotic Mycelium Obtained from a Single Spore of Hericium erinaceus Isolates in Different Culture Media

Ilgaz Akata1, Erbil Kalmis2, Fatih Kalyoncu1 and Mehmet Atmaca4

1Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, Tandogan, Ankara, Turkey. 2Ege University, Faculty of Engineering, Dept. of Bioengineering, Izmir, Turkey. 3Celal Bayar University, Faculty of Science and Letters, Dept. of Biology, Manisa, Turkey. 4Agroma Mushroom Production Center, Hacieiuplu, Denizli, Turkey.

Received on 24 October 2011 and accepted on 10 December 2011



The vast majority of research articles on physiology of macrofungi have used heterokaryons obtained from fruit body tissues. Actually there is evidence that heterokaryons and homokaryons exhibit differences in performances such as mycelium growth rate and properties like colony morphology etc. Ten homokaryons were obtained from a single spore germinated in 2% Malt Extract Agar medium, and their hyphal extension rates on %2 Malt Extract, Potato Dextrose, Hagem and Minimal Agar media were measured. Some significant differences were found in the mycelium growth rates of commercial Hericium erinaceus. Mycelium growth of only one homokaryon could reach to 90 mm diameter on the 27th days of incubation. Nine heterokaryotic mycelia formed at the pairing test performed on Potato Dextrose Agar.

Keywords : Hericium erinaceus, Homokaryotic mycelium, Growth rate, Single spore isolate.