Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 4 No. 2

Observation of Airborne Fungal Flora of Poultry Farm

Kavita Sharma* and Rita Luka

Department of Botany, Arts and Commerce Girls College, Devendra Nagar, Raipur - 492 004, India.

Received on 02 May 2010 and accepted on 16 June 2010



Observation of airborne fungal flora was carried out at poultry farm situated in Bilaspur (C.G.) India. The culture plate method was used to determine air borne fungi from poultry farm during the period of October 2009 to January 2010. Fungal spores recorded were representatives of the three major groups i.e. Zygomycotina, Anamorphic fungi and Mycelia sterilia. A total of 21 fungi were isolated from air of poultry farm. Aspergillus niger (13.5%), showed maximum percentage contribution followed by Cladosporium sp. (12.3%), Penicillium sp. (12.2%) and Aspergillus sp. (10.6%). The maximum fungal species belonged to anamorphic fungi. In air total 920 fungal colonies represented 21 fungal species were observed during the present investigation period. Out of 21 fungal species, 02 from Zygomycotina, 17 from anamorphic fungi and 02 from Mycelia sterilia were observed. Aspergillus niger showed the maximum percentage contribution of total aero-mycoflora. The results provide to be helpful to allergologist and clinician in treatment of fungal related disease.

Keywords : Poultry farm, Aspergillus niger, Aero mycoflora.