Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 4 No. 2

The Effect of some Location Specific Rhizobial Strains on Height and Dry Weight of Plants of Soybean from Maharashtra

B.G. Rajbhoj¹* and O.S. Rathor²

¹Sundarrao More Arts, Commerce & Science College, Poladpur district, Raigad - 402 303 (India). ²P.G. Department of Botany, N.E.S. Science College, Nanded - 431605 (India).

Received on 07 May 2010 and accepted on 22 June 2010



The genetic diversity of Rhizobia is also based on geographical location of the organism which can influence on nodulation capacity of the species, having further effect on other parameters like height of the plant and dry matter content. In the present work some location specific strains of Rhizobia were isolated and were tested to find out their effect on dry matter content and height of Soybean plant from the Marathwada region of Maharashtra State. The strain SR5 from Parbhani dist seems to be a promising strain in increasing the dry matter and height of the plant of Soybean.

Keywords : Rhizobium, Marathwada, Dry matter, Height, Soybean.