Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 4 No. 2

Optimization of Fermentation Parameters for Amylase Synthesis from Aspergillus oryzae through Submerged Fermentation

KG Siddalingeshwar, KM Sudipta, H Chetan, G Bhavik, K Rahul, S Jitendra, N Rajanikanth, K Sushma, S Swagata, P Sumana, K Ranjan, A Subash, S. Nath, A. Dutt, SM Mohsin, KS Dayananda, SM Gopinatha², AN Ramya, Hemalatha, NB¹ and CP Rajeshwari¹

Department of Studies in Microbiology, Padmshree Institute of Information Sciences, Nagarabhavi Circle, Bangalore - 72, India. ¹Department of Biochemistry, Tumkur University, Tumkur, India. ²Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.

Received on 04 March 2010 and accepted on 11 June 2010



Studies were under taken on Aspergillus oryzae SCBRD11 isolated from the soil sample using potato dextrose agar and starch used as a substrate to evaluate their ability to produce amylase. The amylase producers detected by the clear zone around the colony by simple plate assay method. Among the fifteen isolates Aspergillus oryzae SCBRD11 is the potential strain. The amylase synthesis were increased their yield after the optimization of fermentation parameters. The optimum pH 4.5, temperature 310C and inoculum size 1.0 ml. This enzyme was growth associated.

Keywords : Fermentation, Amylase, Aspergillus oryzae.