Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 9 No. 4

Biochemical Changes in Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Fruits Against Fusarium pallidoroseum

Dama Ram1, R. K. Patil2, B. Jeevan1 and H. Shivakumara3

1Division of Plant Pathology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi - 110012, India. 2Department of Plant Pathology, B. A. College of Agriculture, Anand Agricultural University, Anand ? 388 110, India. 3Division of Genetics IARI, New Delhi, India.

Received on 10 April 2015 and accepted on 20 July 2015



The activities of Polygalaturonase (PG), Polymethylgalacturonase (PMG) and Cellulolytic enzymes (CX) were higher in ripe fruits (36.47, 34.69 & 30.75%) inoculated with F. pallidoroseum, respectively. The enzymatic activity of PG, PMG and CX were found increased with time. Tomato fruits inoculated with F. pallidoroseum showed decrease in total soluble sugar (2.04 %), ascorbic acid content (12.36 mg/100g), acidity (0.48 %) content and physiological weight loss (35.15 g) (50.21%) as compared to uninoculated fruits.

Keywords : Fusarium pallidoroseum, Tomato, Biochemical changes.