Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 9 No. Special Edition Nov. 2015

Effect of Silkworm Pupae Meal as Protein Supplement on Performance of Broiler Chickens

Mozhdeh Emadi*, Toktam Vafa and Heshmat Sepehri Moghadam

Department of Agricultural Science, Payam Noor University, 19395-4697 Tehran, Iran.

Received on 08 June 2015 and accepted on 24 September 2015



A total of 250 day-old Ross broiler chicks were used to investigate the replacement value of silkworm meal for fish meal on growth performance of broiler chickens. The birds were randomly allotted to five treatment groups of 50 birds with each treatment having five replicates of 10 birds each. Five isonitrogenous and isocaloric diets (A-E) were formulated such that silkworm meal was used to replace different levels of fish meal thus: Diet A (control), B, C, D and E had 0; 40 kg/ton; 80 kg/ton; 120 kg/ton and 160 kg/ton silk worm meal, respectively. The birds were given feed and water ad-libitum. The performance in terms of mean feed intake, mean body weight gain, feed conversion efficiency of the chicks indicated had significant (P < 0.05) differences among the treatment means. The results of this study demonstrated that cheaper silkworm meal can be an excellent substitute for fish meal in formulating diets for broiler chicks leading to improved health status.

Keywords : Silk worm meal, fish meal, performance, broiler.