Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 9 No. Special Edition Nov. 2015

Assessment of Physiological Properties of Some Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Traditional Iranian Dairy Products -Iranian Local Lactic Acid Bacteria Properties

Nasim Azari1, Hamid Ezzatpanah1*, Maryam Tajabadi-Ebrahimi2 and Maryam Mizani1

1Department of Food Science and Technology,Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Science and Research Branch,Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran. 2Department of Science,Faculty of Science,Tehran Central Branch, Islamic Azad University,Tehran, Iran.

Received on 10 June 2015 and accepted on 13 August 2015



The isolation and identification of natural starters is a need not only for the dairy industry, which still import starters abroad, but also for the preservation of natural lactic acid bacteria diversity of Iran. With this perspective, the aim of our study was the isolation of starters from local Iranian yoghurts and doogh, and studying about their biochemical characterization. Biochemical identification such as gas production from glucose and citrate, sugar fermentation, ammonia production from arginine, growing temperature and heat stability were down for strain identification. In this study, 23 cocci and 47 bacilli were isolated from local yoghurt and doogh. we found that the most of isolates from local dairy products are lactobacillus,homofermentative with the typical sugar fermentation profile and best growing temperature in 42?C.

Keywords : Doogh, Homofermentative, Starter, Yoghurt.