Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 8 No. 2

Multiplex PCR Detection of Arcobacter butzleri and Arcobacter cryaerophilus in Skin of Poultry

Thadiyam Puram Ramees1*, Ramswaroop Singh Rathore1, Prashanth Suresh Bagalkot1, Hosakote Venkatappa Mohan1, Ashok Kumar1 and Kuldeep Dhama2

1Division of Veterinary Public Health, Indian Veterinary Research Institute Izatnagar, Bareilly (U.P.) ? 243122, India. 2Avian Diseases Section, Division of Pathology, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly (U.P.) ? 243122, India.

Received on 12 February 2014 and accepted on 23 March 2014



The aim of the present study was to investigate the presence Arcobacter, an important emerging bacterial pathogen having public health significance, in poultry skin samples by using multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique. A total number of 153 poultry skin samples were collected from local retail shops of Bareilly region, Uttar Pradesh, India. All the samples were inoculated into Arcobacter enrichment broth with Cefoperazone, amphotericin B and teicoplanin (CAT) supplement and incubated micro-aerobically at 30? C for 48 hrs. The DNA extraction from all the enriched samples was done by snap chill method and subjected to multiplex PCR (m-PCR) targeting both 16S rRNA and 23S rRNA genes of Arcobacter. Out of the 153 enriched samples, 35 samples (22.88%) were found positive by m-PCR with amplification products of 401 bp size and 257 bp which were specific for two species of Arcobacters viz., Arcobacter butzleri and Arcobacter cryaerophilus, respectively. This is the first report regarding identification and occurrence of Arcobacters in skin samples of poultry from India. It is suggested to consume poultry meat after removing skin so as to avoid enteric and food-borne pathogens like Arcobacters. Further detailed epidemiological studies are suggested to know the prevalence and magnitude of Arcobacter species, which would help in designing and adapting suitable prevention and control measures to counter this important pathogen.

Keywords : Arcobacter, skin, poultry, food-borne pathogen, prevalence, multiplex PCR.