Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 8 No. 2

Performance of the Immobilized Aerobic Denitrification Bacteria

Xiaoxue Fang, Min Zhao* and Shu Cheng Liang

College of Life Sciences, Northeast Forestry University, No. 26, He-Xing Road, Harbin, Heilongjiang - 150 040, China.

Received on 06 October 2013 and accepted on 28 December 2013



This paper aims to evaluate the nitrogen removal performance and the stability of the immobilized aerobic denitrification bacteria. The microbial immobilization method with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and sodium alginate (SA) as an immobilizing material are used to entrap the aerobic nitrifying bacteria P. denitrification DL23, and for testing performance and the activity of the immobilized beads. Two experiments will be conducted for the examinations of these performances by the researcher. The study of the stability of the particles reveals that 8h is the best cross-linking time with aspect of the mass transfer performance and the mechanical stability; the study of the performance of denitrification indicates that the effect of embedding extended the suitable range, which involves pH and temperature. The denitrification rate has remained above 70% in the process of 7 times? uses, indicates that the stable nitrogen removal of the immobilized bacteria for 14 days at least. The experimental result has a guiding role to the practices of immobilized aerobic denitrification.

Keywords : Nitrogen removal, Immobilization, Aerobic denitrification, P. denitrification DL23.