Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 8 No. 2

Management of an Outbreak of Brucellosis due to B. melitensis in Dairy Cattle

Xinping Yi1, Xiaojing Ma1, Feng Ye1, Wenxi Gu1, Tuerhong Nuer1, Yang Zhang2 and Qi Zhong1*

1Institute of Veterinary Research, 2Institute of Livestock Research, Academy of Animal Science, Xinjiang, Urumuqi - 830 000, China.

Received on 09 January 2014 and accepted on 18 March 2014



Bovine brucellosis is an endemic infectious disease which can affect cattle productivity and welfare negatively, as well as human health. Sufficient knowledge on its epidemiology, particularly on species and biotypes of Brucella at regional scale are important to set up and implement efficient control measures against brucellosis. An outbreak of cattle brucellosis in a dairy cattle in Xinjiang of China. A total of 295 cattle examined, 11 were positive and 284 negative in serological tests of brucellosis. Brucella strains were isolated from seropositive milk samples in the farm. Species and biovars of the isolated Brucella strains from outbreaks were determined based on molecular (virB8-PCR and AMOS-PCR) and bacteriological methods. The examinations revealed that B. melitensis biovar 3 as the aetiological agent of brucellosis in the farm.The study confirmed that test-and-slaughter strategies were applied to control the outbreak in 3 years depending on the low infection level. Moreover, the results indicated that combination of molecular tools could help to identify infection and evaluate effective measures for disease reduction in order to determine preventive strategies.

Keywords : Cattle; Brucellosis; B. melitensis; PCR; Control.