Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 3 No. 2

Improved Recoverability of Bacterial Strains from Soft Coral, Lobophytum sp. for Antagonistic Activity

C. Chellaram* and J.K.P. Edward

*Department of Biomedical Engineering, Vel Tech Multi Tech Dr. R.R. Dr. S.R. Engineering College, Avadi. Chennai - 600 062, India. Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute, Tuticorin - 628 001, India.

Received on 02 March 2009 and accepted on 13 April 2009



Bacteria associated with the soft coral, Lobophytum sp. was cultured in a varied combination of low to high nutrient media. Each of the media was supplemented with sodium pyruvate. This study was aimed to find out whether the addition of sodium pyruvate to all solid media, could significantly increase the recovery of microbes. Microorganisms on maltose amended seawater agar were highly recovered in the supplemented media than on non-supplemented media. These findings suggest that the addition of sodium pyruvate to solid growth and isolation media may improve recoverability of microorganisms from soft coral. The results also indicated that the higher percentage of the antagonistic bacteria was found on supplemented media when compared to that of the non-supplemented media and hence the highest percentage of antagonistic bacteria were found to be exhibited by the supplemented media of MA+SE media.

Keywords : Soft corals, Different media, Bacterial recoverability, Antagonistic activity.