Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 2 No. 2

Cultivation of Spirulina sp. Using Organic Subtrates

S.J. Aruna¹ and A. David Ravindran²

¹Department of Microbiology, Sourashtra College, Madurai, India. ²Department of Biology, Gandhigram Rural University, Gandhigram, India.

Received on 12 June 2008 and accepted on 20 July 2008



The large scale production of Spirulina biomass depends on many factors, the most important are nutrient availability, temperature and light. The nutritional requirements of algae are replaced with organic substrates such as neem cake, groundnut cake and press mud. Organic cultivation of Spirulina sp. using neem cake and groundnut cake rich in nitrogen and pressmud rich in potassium and phosphorous had been tried. Various concentrations of neem cake & pressmud and groundnut cake & pressmud were tried. The concentrations enhancing the growth of Spirulina were selected and organic media were constituted. The organic media (OM1) with neem cake and pressmud has 15g of each constituent and 16.8g of baking soda and 1g of sea salt. The other organic media (OM2) has 10g of groundnut cake and 15g of pressmud along with 16.8g of baking soda and 1g of sea salt. The growth, chlorophyll content and protein content of Spirulina sp. grown in the organic media were comparable with that of the cultures grown in Zarrouk medium.

Keywords : Spirulina, Zarrouk medium, Neem cake, Groundnut cake, Pressmud, Organic medium, Growth OD