Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 9 No. 1,

Miao-Miao Zheng1, Shu-Li Shao1*, Hong-Wei Yi2, Peng Wu1, Bo Li1, Ying Zhai1, Zhan-Zhan Jiao1 and Lin-Gang Zhang1
Decolorization of SN4R Dye by a Recombinant Laccase from Pichia pastoris
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 01-08

Yin Hong-mei, Du Dong-xia, Xu Jun, Liu Biao, Wang Sheng-ping and He Yue-lin*
Molecular Analysis of Bacterial Diversity in Pig Deep Litter System
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 09-16

Jianzi Wang1, Fangyan Sun1, Yaqiong Song1, Jianming Wang1, Huaxuan Hao2, Zhenhai Li2 and Changsheng Qiao1, 2
Influence of pH on Pullulan Biosynthesis and the Molecular Weight by Auerobasidium pullulans
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 17-22

Shan-hai Lin1, Si-liang Huang2, Li-ping Qin3 and Zhen-lu Cen3
Effect of Lighting on Photosporogenesis of Exserohilum rostratum Causing Banana Leaf Spot Disease
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 23-32

Somayeh Allahkarami1*, Mohammad Hassan Shahhosseiny 2, Nasim Hayati Roodbari 3 and Davoud Esmaeili4
Comparison of Two Rapid Urease Test (RUT) and Culture Diagnostic Methods with PCR Technique to Detect Helical and Coccoid Forms of Helicobacter pylori in Clinical and Environmental Samples
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 33-40

Azza M. Noor El Deen1, Nayera A.M. Abdelwahed1*, Hoda M.A. Shata2 and Mohamed A.M. Farid1
Optimization of Process Parameters for Erythromycin Production Under Solid State Fermentation by Saccharopolyspora erythraea NCIMB 12462
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 41-48

Nizam Uddin Farooqui1*, Dhafer Ahmed Al Zahrani1, El Metwally M. Selim1 and C.B.S. Dangi2
A Review on the Impact of Exotoxicology and Oil Spills in Mangrove of Saudi Arabia
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 549-556

Rouf A. Faruqi1, Javeed I.A. Bhat1 and Tauseef A. Bhat2
Microbial Population Changes in Pine Forest Soil of Gulmarg as Influenced by Vehicular Pollution
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 557-563

Maryam Dadmanesh1, Adel Hamidi2, Maryam Eramabadi3 and Mahsa Faghihi4*
Uropathogenic Escherichia coli in Diabetic Patients of Iran; Virulence Factors and Antibiotic Resistance Properties
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 565-572

Dinara Amangeldievna Saribayeva, Kadyr Biyashevich Biyashev, Anda Valdovska, Abylai Rysbaevich Sansyzbai, Birzhan Kadirovich Biyashev
Study Antagonistic Activity, the Level of Resistance to Hydrochloric Acid and Bile Probiotic Strain Escherichia coli
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 573-578

Fatima Lizeth Gandarilla-Pacheco, Lilia H. Morales-Ramos, Maria del Socorro Flores-Gonzalez, Myriam Elias-Santos and Isela Quintero-Zapata*
Preliminary Study of the Enzymatic Activity of Native Isolates of Entomopathogenic Fungi from the Citrus Area of Mexico in Solid Culture Media
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 579-585

Ruslan Maratbekovich Iskakov1, Sultanbek Sansyzbaevich Issenov2, Assel Maratbekovna Iskakova3, Saule Halam1 and Dinara Maratbekovna Beisebekova4
Microbiological Appraisal of Feed Meal of Animal Origin, Produced by Drying and Grinding Installation
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 587-592

Zhanna Tubekbaevna Abdrassulova1, Zhenis Zhunisbekovna Kuzhantaeva1, Abigail Sophia Newsome2, Nurdana Nurtaevna Salybekova3 and Gulmira Zhusupovna Turmetova4
Biological and Ecological Characteristics of Fungi Affecting Seeds of Grain Crops
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 593-600

Zhuldyz Ibraimova1 , Amangeldy Rustenov2 and Nurlygul Eleuqalieva
Combined Silage for Pigs with the Use of Bacillus subtilis Probiotic
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 601-606

Sahar Jafari-Dehkordi1, Zahra Aghili2, Saharnaz Ahmadi2, Sepideh Jabbari2, Ilia Rezazadeh3, Rahele Hasani2 and Reza Rasoolzadeh4*
Molecular Mechanics Investigation of Diffrent Temperature Effects on Bacillus licheniformis a-amylase: A Computational Study
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 607-611

Zahra Noori Tupkanloo
Economic Analysis of Greenhouse Cultivation of Tomatoes and Cucumber Vegetables in Neyshabur, Iran
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 613-616

Ananya Mohanta1, Pranab Behari Mazumder1*, Amitabh Bhattacharjee2 and Bishwakush Deb1
Identification of Enterotoxigenic Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus spp. Isolated from Bovine Milk and Milk Products of Southern Assam, India
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 49-56

Li Linling1,3, Cheng Hua1,3, Hua Juan1,3, Yuan Honghui1,3, Chen Xiaoling1 and Cheng Shuiyuan1,2*
Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases of Chestnut Fruit by Microbial Antagonists-Endophytic Bacteria CE3
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 57-67

Alghuthaymi, Mousa Abdullah
In vitro Control of Fusarium oxysporum ATCC-48112TM and Aspergillus flavus ATCC-9643TM by Wheat Rhizospheric Pseudomonas fluorescens
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 69-77

Ihsanullah1,3*, Sumaira Shah2, Muhammad Ayaz3, Iftikhar Ahmed3, Murad Ali3, Naveed Ahmad4 and Irshad Ahmad5
Production of Biodiesel from Algae
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 79-85

Wen Zeng1, Wanggege Qin1, Wei Tian1, Yanhong Xue1, Guangxi Wang2 and Shiping Liu1*
Antioxidant Activity In vitro of Endophytic Fungi from Myricaria laxiflora, A Riparian Plant with Strong Tolerance Ability of Flooding
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 87-95

M.E. Ibrahim1*, A.M. Abdel-Azeem2 and A.E.M. Abdelaziz1,3
Soil Fungi of Healthy and Infested Lupine (Lupinus termis) and its Role in Controlling of Lupine Root Rot In vitro
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 97-107

Nutsuda Banlangsawan1,2 and Niwat Sanoamuang1,2,3*
Optimization of UV-B irradiation on Oyster Mushroom for the Production of Vitamin D2, Chemical Composition, Antioxidant Activity and Vitamin D2 Stability during Storage
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 109-117

A. Rivera1*, L. Cedillo1, O. Romero1, C. Gil1, N. Rodriguez2 and S. Giono3
Mollicutes Isolates and their Relationship to Infertility in Women
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 119-123

Yuliana Tan, Stella Magdalena* and Bibiana W. Lay
Potential Biofilm Inhibitor against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Bacillus cereus from Crude Extract of Indonesian Coasts Bacteria
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 125-130

Milton Halder1, Samina Akhter1, Abu Sayeed Mohammad Mahmud1, Faridul Islam1, Romel Mullick3, Jagadish Chandra Joardar2, Md. Sadiqul Amin2, Rezaul Karim4, Hridika Talukder1 and Md. Saidur Rahman1
Prevalence of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi (AMF) Colonization in Medicinal Plant Root and Response of Prevalence with Some Selected Medicinal Plants Rhizosphere Soil Properties in BCSIR Forest, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 131-140

M.E. Ibrahim* and A.M. Abdel-Azeem2
Management of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Charcoal Rot Caused by Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid. through the Application of Different Control Measure
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 141-149

Cirilo Vazquez-Vazquez1, Miguel Angel Gallegos-Robles1*, Enrique Salazar-Sosa1, Ignacio Orona-Castillo1, Jose Luis Garcia-Hernandez1, Hector Idilio Trejo-Escare?o1 and Sarai Shesarely Mendoza-Retana2
Manure Solarization from Cattle, Goat and Poultry and its Effect on Survival of Salmonella spp
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 151-158

Moin Ud Din1, Raja Adil Sarfraz1,2*, Abdullah Ijaz Hussain3, Ijaz Ahmad Bhatti1, Muhammad Shahid4
Chemical Composition and Biological Activities Guided Assessment of Essential Oils of Two Rutacea Species
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 159-168

R.K. Verma1, R.K. Joshi2, A.K. Gangwar3, Namita Joshi4 and S. Shukla5
Propagation of a Field Isolate of Avian Pox Virus on Chorioallantoic Membrane of Developing Chicken Embryo and in BGM-70 Cell Line
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 169-174

Li Ling1, Ying Liu2* and Yiming Su1
Treatment of Oil-containing Wastewater by Immobilized Yeast Cells
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 175-180

Honglei Wang1.3, Wei Bing1, Xiaoli Zhou1, Yan Feng1,2* and Zuoming Zhang1*
Combined T-RFLP and 16s rRNA Gene Library Analyse the Microbial Diversity in Changbai Mountain Hot Springs
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 181-187

Tao Tian1*, Bing-Bing Sun1, Wei Zhang2, Jun Wei1, Wei Li1, Li-Qun Zhang2
OmpR Regulates the Intracellular Concentration of 2,4-Diacetylphloroglucinol by Affecting the Transcriptional Activity of the Hydrolase phlG in Pseudomonas fluorescens 2P24
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 189-200

Yongjun Dong, Lirong Wang*, Jianhe Hu and Kun Zhao
Identification of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Licorice, A Traditional Chinese Medicine Plant
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 201-208

Huang Sheng Zhuo1#, Huang Hui Ni2#, Ma Qing Yun1, Mo Ming He2*, Zhu Ming Liang3, Dai Hao Fu1, Ji Yan Ping4, Wang Qing Hai4 and Zhao You Xing1*
The Phytochemicals with Antagonistic Activities Toward Pathogens of a Disease Complex Caused by Meloidogyne incognita and Ralstonia solanacearum
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 209-213

Garima Jhariya1*, Shive Raj Singh1, T.R. Nayak2, R.M. Singh1 and Rajeev Ranjan3
Application of GIS for Soil Erosion Modeling in Bina River Basin
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 215-220

Qi Xiaoqing1#, Wang Shuai2#, Chen Hao3, Li Chongjie1, He Yingying1, Zheng Zhou1, Wang Yibin1, Liu Fangming1, Miao Jinlai1*
Purification, Activity Assay and Optimization of Antarctic Algae Chlamydomonas sp. ICE-L Photolyase Expressed in E.coli
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 221-230

Xuelin Zhang1*, Linbin Yan2*, Lijia Li2*, Shushan Lin2, Jun Guo1, Jia Li1, Yi Yu1, Xuege Jiang1, Yan Liu1, Guogang Xu, Yinghua Guo1, Junfeng Wang1, Tianzhi Li1 and Changting Liu1#
Beneficial Effect of Spaceflight Experience on Producing of Endoproteinase Lys-C by Lysobacter enzymogenes
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 231-237

Mohammed Aiyaz1, Shetty Thimmappa Divakara1, Santosh Parthasarathy2, Puttaswamy Hariprasad3, Siddaiah Chandra Nayaka1 and Siddapura Ramachandrappa Niranjana1*
Genetic Diversity and Biocontrol Potential of Rhizospheric Microbes Isolated from Tomato and Maize
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 239-248

Ni Cheng, Juan Zhou, Meng Wang and Wei Cao*
The Protection of the Extracts of Sour Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa (Bunge) Hu) on DNA Damage Caused by Oxidative Stress
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 249-260

Shahram Parvin1, Amir Masoud Hashemian2, Amir Farshid Fayyaz3, Marzieh Miar4 and Eslam Ghezelsofla5*
Molecular Characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Wound Infections of Iranian Children
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 261-267

Shadi Selseleh-Zakeri1, Abbas Akhavan Sepahi2*, Anita Khanafari2 and Sara Saadat-Mand3
An Investigation of Antifungal Activity of Native Bacillus Strains against Fusarium Head Blight on Wheat
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 269-279

Khosro Issazadeh*, Nasrin Porghanbar Moghadam, Fatemeh Darabipor, Mojgan Hosseini and Narjes Mohammady Bandary
Optimization of Poly - Hydroxyl Butyrate (PHB) Production by Bacillus megaterium PTCC 1656
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 281-284

Anita Tewari* and S.P. Singh
Incidence and Enterotoxin Gene Profile of Bacillus cereus Strains Isolated from Human Stool Samples from Uttarakhand, India
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 285-291

Rakesh Kumar Patel1*, S.B. Gupta1, Ashwani Kumar Thakur2, Jeevraj Thakur1 and Dinesh Kumar Thakur3
Response of Amended Melamine Phosphate with Different Levels of Fertilizers on Rhizobium Population and Soil Microbial Activity
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 293-298

Xuelin Zhang, Yajuan Wang, Jun Guo, Yi YU, Jia Li, Yinghua Guo and Changting Liu*
Comparing Two Functions for Optical Density and Cell Numbers in Bacterial Exponential Growth Phase
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 299-305

Narges Abdian1, Mehdi Allahbakhshian-Farsani2, Payam Ghasemi-Dehkordi1, Amin Mirzaeian1, Javad Saffari-Chaleshtori3, Marzieh Sadeghiani1, Morteza Hashemzadeh-Chaleshtori1* and Nasrin Yazdanpanahi4
Effects of Lentiviral Vectors on DNA Damage of Human Dermal Fibroblasts (HDFs)
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 307-317

A.S. Thorat1,3, R.K. Pal1, P.R. Shingote1,2*, S.B Kharte1,2, V.M. Nalavade1,2, D.R. Dhumale1, B.H. Pawar1 and K.H. Babu1
Detection of Sugarcane Mosaic Virus in Diseased Sugarcane using ELISA and RT-PCR Technique
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 319-327

K.D. Kulkarni1, K.S. Raghuwanshi1*, R.M. Naik2, S.G. Borkar1 and V. P. Chimote3,
Antifungal Activity of Camptothecin Extracted from Mappia foetida against Disease causing Pathogens in Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.)
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 329-334

Sudheerkumar Talawar1, B. Narayanswamy2 and S.N. Ravindra3
Optimization of Fermentation Conditions for Nata-de-Coco Production
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 335-340

Sanjita Sharma, Aarif Khan*, Dinesh Kumar Dahiya, Jyoti Jain and Vishnu Sharma
Prevalence, Identification and Drug Resistance Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli Isolated from Raw Milk Samples of Jaipur City of Rajasthan
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 341-348

Rahul Yadav1*, Sandeep Kumar Sharma2, Jyotika Yadav3, Taruna Bhati1 and Anil Kumar Kataria1
Phenotypic and Genotypic Haemolysin Properties of Staphylococcus aureus Obtained from Milk of Cattle and Buffalo with Clinical Mastitis
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 349-355

Chidanand A. Rabinal1, Sumangala Bhat1* and P. U. Krishnaraj2
Characterisation of Selected Trichoderma Isolates with Antifungal Activity*
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 357-365

Rajveer Singh Chauhan1*, Bharti Singh2, Deepmala Katiyar3 and P.K. Misra1
Seasonal Variation Investigations on Diversity of Some Freshwater Diatoms of Kumaon Region, Uttarakhand State in India
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 367-376

Radhika Trikha1*, Avantika Sharma1, Vishal Guglani2, Praveen Rishi3 and Rupinder Tewari1
Isolation of Probiotic Lactobacilli from Human Infants? Stool Samples Exhibiting Antimicrobial Activity Against Pathogenic Microorganisms
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 377-390

Shikha Devi1, Ashish Tiwari1, Shivesh Sharma1*, Vivek Kumar2 and Sandeep Bisht3
Assessment of Bacterial Diversity and PGP Activity of Rhizobacteria in Rhizosphere of Vigna mungo
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 391-396

Govindarajulu Venkatesh1*, Pothukuchi R.Vanamayya2, Nivedita Sharma3, Diwakar Dattatraya Kulkarni4 and Shiv Chandra Dubey5
Recombinant Expression and Characterization of Truncated Non Structural Protein NS1 of Porcine Parvovirus in E. coli
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 397-403

Prashant P. Jambhulkar1, Pratibha Sharma2 and M.L. Meghwal
Additive Effect of Soil Application with Trichoderma Enriched FYM Along with Seed Treatment and Drenching with Trichoderma Formulation for Management of Wet Root Rot caused by Rhizoctonia solani in Chickpea
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 405-412

T. Shanmuga Priya, A. Saranya, R. Nitya Meenakshi, M.S. Jebil, K.A. Nidhiya and Suganthi Ramasamy*
Plasmid Borne opd Gene in Myroides odoratimimus SKS05- GRD for Degradation of Dimethoate
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 413-418

G. Selvam1 and A. Ganesh Kumar2*
Acidogenic Fermentation of Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA) Rich Wastewater
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 419-423

Rahul Yadav1*, Sandeep Kumar Sharma2, Jyotika Yadav3, Prerna Nathawat4 and Anil Kumar Kataria4
Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus of Mastitic Milk Origin from Cattle and Buffalo for some Virulence Properties
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 425-431

Hashem Al-Sheikh1 and Ramy S. Yehia1,2
Decolorization of Methylene Blue using Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized from Endophytic Fungus
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 433-439

Kinnari A. Prajapati*, Prateek Shilpkar and Arvind Dungrechiya
Alkaline Protease Production from Sorghum vulgare by Staphylococcus sciuri
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 441-447

Kattoor Jobin Jose, Yashpal Singh Malik*, Kuldeep Sharma, Shubhankar Sircar, Munish Batra, Naresh Jindal and Kuldeep Dhama
Frequency Distribution of Avian group-D Rotavirus in Southern and Northern Parts of India
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 449-452

B.B. Pal*, S. Mohanty, , H.K. Khuntia, R.K. Sahoo, D.N. Hansda, S.K. Beuria and S.K. Kar
Incidence of Different Bacterial Pathogens Associated with Filaria Patients from Coastal Areas of Odisha
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 453-457

R.C. Jaysree, Jyothi Patel and N. Rajendran*
Optimization of Environmental Parameters for Biosurfactant Production by Bacillus thuringiensis
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 459-465

Neda Razavi Davoodi1, Seyed Davar Siadat1, Farzam Vaziri1, Jalil Vand Yousefi2, Naser Harzandi2, Ali Rafi2, Bahareh Rajaei1, Mehrangiz Zanganeh3, Alireza Japoni Nejad1, Shahin Najar Peerayeh4 and Ahmad Reza Bahrmand1
Identification of Staphylococcus aureus and Coagulase-negative Staphylococcus (CoNS) as well as Detection of Methicillin Resistance and Panton-Valentine Leucocidin by Multiplex PCR
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 467-471

Mahshid Ghasemloee and Ali Reza Niazmand*
Genetic Diversity of Alternaria alternata Associated with Citrus spp. in Southern Iran Based on RAPD- PCR
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 473-482

Neisi Abdolkazem1, Baboli Zeynab2*, Moosavian Mojtaba3 and Khaghani Soheila3
Detection of Helicobacter pylori in Raw and Drinking Water of Ahvaz City, Iran by PCR
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 483-490

Parya Baban Zadeh1, Davoud Esmaeili2*, Fatemeh Moradi2 and Fateme Mashayekhi3
The Study of Satureja khuzestanica Essence Inhibitory Effects against Housekeeping Gene DNA Gyrase A and T3ss and T2ss of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with RT-PCR Technique
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 491-495

Mojtaba Lorpour1, Aboozar Kazemi1, Ahmad Gholami1,2, Fatemeh Dabbagh1,2, Salman Abbaszadeh1, Azam Safari1 and Younes Ghasemi1,2*
Isolation and Phylogenetic Analysis of Some Lipase Producing Bacteria from a Saline Lake
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 497-502

Naif Mohammed Kadasa
The Effect of Drying Method on the Antioxidant Capacity of Ocimum basilicum L. Extracts
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 503-508

Osama Al-Jiffri and Fadwa M. Alsharif
Virological Response to Dual Hepatitis B and C viral co-infection in Saudi patients
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 509-514

Hashem Al-Sheikh
Anti-Fungal Evaluation of Medicinal Plant on Some Pathogenic Fungi
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 515-521

Ratul Moni Ram1*, Akansha Jain2, Akanksha Singh2 and Harikesh Bahadur Singh1
Biological Management of Sclerotinia Rot of Bean through Enhanced Host Defense Responses Triggered by Pseudomonas and Trichoderma Species
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 523-532

Shehab M. Abd El-Kader1 and Mohammed H. Saiem Al-Dahr2
Aerobic Exercises Improve Quality of Life, Psychological Wellbeing and Systemic Inflammation in Hepatitis C virus Patients
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 533-541

Sachin Naik1, Sanjeev Khanagar2, Darshan Devang Divakar3#, Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Kheraif3, Ravikumar Ramakrishnaiah3, Obaid Alshahrani4, Ali Alahmari and Salem Alsulami6
Comparison of Fluoride Level and Bacterial Count in Tap Water, Reverse Osmosis Purified Water and Non-reverse Osmosis Purified Water
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 543-547

Meshref Alruwaili1, Ismail Hamad1,2 and Samy Selim1,3*
Distribution of Obesity among Male in Aljouf Population, Saudi Arabia
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 617-622

Subhash Ghodadara*, Prateek Shilpkar and Arvind Dungrechiya
Optimized Production of Cellulase by Aspergillus niger Using Ricinus communis Seed Coat Waste
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 623-629

Malik Ahmed Pasha1, Sumangala Bhat1, P.U. Krishnaraj1
Soil Bacterial Diversity Analysis of Cotton Field under Organic and Inorganic Management using DGGE
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 631-636

Swati Kumari1, A.R. Hanumanthappa2, M.R. Rajeswari3 and G. Vishwanath4
Species Distribution and Antifungal Susceptibility Pattern of Candida Isolated from Various Clinical Sample Obtained in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Southern India A
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 637-642

R. Manoj1, A. Anantha Rama1, Y.P. Pragathi2, B.C. Mallesha1 and P.A. Gowda1
Studies on Utilization of Agrobased Wastes for the Growth and Yield of Mushroom (Hypsozygous ulmarius)
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 643-649

Ramya Saravanan, Kiruba Palani, B. Sampathkumar, M.S. Shree Devi* and Karthik Loganathan
Statistical Optimization of Nilavembu Kudineer using RSM and Its Antibacterial Activity
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 651-655

Ram Hari Meena1, Irfan Ahmad Mir1, Sunil Maherchandani1, Kanchan Jangir1, Nishtha Purohit1 and S.K. Kashyap1
Antibiotic Resistance Pattern and Phylogenetic Analysis of Commensal Escherichia coli Isolated from Poultry
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 657-662

Jitender Singh1, Aastha Singh1, Pankaj Kumar1, Anchal Rani1, V.K. Baranwal2 and Anil Sirohi1
Evidence of a Mixed Infection of Candidatus Phytoplasma Trifolii? and a Begomovirus in Eggplant (Solanum melongena)
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 663-670

Ajeet Kumar, J. Yadav, Awtar Singh* and A.P. Singh
Appraisal Biological Health Status of the Cultivated Lands of Varanasi District of Uttar Pradesh
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 671-681

Lata Jain1*, Mayank Rawat1, Vinay Kumar2 and Deepti Chachra3
Characterization of Brucellaphage using RAPD and microsatellite repeat marker
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 683-690

Moldir Turaliyeva1*, Arystanbek Yeshibaev1, Khalima Sartayeva2, Aigul Uspabayeva1 and Gulmira Elibayeva1
Molecular Identification of Invasion Diseases Agents of Acer negundo L. in South Kazakhstan
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 691-696

Akylbek Tussupkaliyev, Saule Bermagambetova, Zhanibek Daribay, Leila Sarsembaeva and Rashida Bliyeva
Influence of the Vaginal Opportunistic Microflora on Fetoplacental Complex in Pregnant Women with Preeclampsia
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 697-704

Allah Bakhsh Gulshan1, Amara Abid1 and Muhammad Irshad Arshad2
Taxonomic Study of Algal Flora of Indus River Ponds at the Vicinity of Ghazi Ghat Dera Ghazi Khan
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 705-713

Ashok Kumar1,2*, I. Bahadur1, B. R. Maurya1, R. Raghuwanshi2, V.S. Meena1, 3, D. K. Singh1 and J. Dixit1
Does a Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Enhance Agricultural Sustainability?
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 715-724

Sujoy Saha1, Ruchi Garg1, Arunava Biswas2 and A.B. Rai1
Bacterial Diseases of Rice: An Overview
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 725-736

Yogesh Bhagat1*, K. Gangadhara2, Chidanand Rabinal1, Gaurav Chaudhari1 and Padmabhushan Ugale1
Nanotechnology in Agriculture: A Review
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 737-747

Poonam Kumari1, Veena Khanna2, Palika Sharma1 and Suman Kumari1
Metabolites in Control of Rhizoctonia bataticola
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 749-756

Gunjan Bharti, P.U. Krishnaraj and Ramesh Bhat
Deletion Analysis of Tomato Leaf Curl Virus PRKT17 Promoter
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 757-760

S. Kanojia*, H. Singh, R. Gwal, S. Agarwal and V. Mishra1
Evaluation of Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique in the Diagnosis of Female Genital TB in Endometrial Samples
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 761-765

R.K. Singh1*, S.K. Pandey1 and Anirudha Chattopadhyay2
Biodiversity and Periodical/Seasonal Distribution of Nematode Trapping Fungi from Different Habitats
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 767-776

H. Gurumurthy*, A.N. Balakrishna, Pampangouda, B.L. Raghunandan and D.N. Vidya Shree
Effect of Organic Manures and Fertilizers on Soil Enzymatic Activities
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 777-783

G. Balakrishnan, Parimal Roy and T.V. Meenambigai
Comparative Study of Dark Field Microscopical Examination, Microscopic Agglutination Test and Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Diagnosis of Bovine Leptospirosis
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 785-790

Misha V. Patel*, Prateek Shilpkar and Arvind Dungrechia
Optimized Alkaline Protease Production by Bacillus thuringiensis
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 791-795

N. Manohar Reddy
Studies on Clinical Parameters of Patients Suffering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 797-801

Rekha Ravindran1*, Sekar Sathiya2, A.Jamuna Devi1, Chidambaram Saravana Babu2 and Johanna Rajkumar1
Studies on the Effect of Ambrex (An Amber based Herbal Formulation) on Apoptotic gene Expression and Energy Producing Mitochondrial Enzymes in Isoproterenol Induced Myocardial Infarction in Rats
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 803-808

B. Latha1, B.D. Narotham Prasad2, M.E. Shilpa3, A.C. Somanatha4 and K.B. Munishamanna5
Microbial Growth on Fermented Kokum Juice by Different Yeast and Lactic Acid Bacterial Strains
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 809-814

Kotgire Ganesh Sopanrao and B.P. Mehta
Detection of Fungal Load from Groundnut Seeds and their Pathogenic Nature Regards to Pre and Post Emergence Mortality
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 815-818

Ashish Shrivastava
Effect of Root Leachate of Wheat in the Spore Germination of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Ciceri
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 819-821

C.R. Neeraja, M.V. Patel, H.K. Patel* and R.A. Patel
Response of Integrated Nutrient Management on Growth, Yield Attributs and Yield of Grain Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.) under Middle Gujarat Conditions
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 823-826

Priscilla Kerketta1*, Ravuri Halley Gora2, Sushma Lalita Baxla2, Suruchi Kumari2 and Rajendra Yadava1
Antibiotic Sensitivity Test of E. coli Isolated from Drinking Water from Different Sources in and Around Ranchi, Jharkhand
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 827-830

G. Balakrishnan, Parimal Roy and T.V. Meenambigai
Pentavalent Inactivated Adjuvanted Vaccines for Bovine Leptospirosis
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 831-834

Hamid Reza Safaei1, Hamid Pirasteh2, Amir Farshid Fayyaz3 and Zahra Pournasiri4*
Molecular Characterization of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Pediatrics with UTIs
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 835-844

Deepa Madathil* and N. Rajendran
Assessment of Antibiofilm Activity of Extracts from Selected Biological Sources
Volume 9 No. 1 Page No. 845-856

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