Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 6 No. 3,

B. Sunil1, C. Latha2, R. Remya3, K. Vrinda Menon4 and V.J. Ajaykumar5
Public Health Significance of Listeria spp. isolated from Vegetables Sold in Retail Markets of Thrissur, Kerala
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1485-1487

Rekha Bachhiwal, Anita Singhal, Suman Rishi, Leela Vyas, Rameshwari Bithu and Saroj Hooja
Seropositivity of Toxoplasma Antibodies and its role in Pregnancy Wastage
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1489-1492

Lincoln Mandal* and A.S. Kotasthane
Genetic Diversity Analysis of the Pseudomonas fluorescent isolates in Chhattisgarh region of India
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1481-1484

Anand Sagar* and Shaina Parvez
Antibacterial activity of Terminalia chebula (Retz.), Emblica officinalis (Gaertn.) and Terminalia bellirica (Gaetn.) Roxb
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1475-1480

P. Jayaraman1*, T. Naveen Kumar2, P. Maheswaran2, E. Sagadevan3 and P. Arumugam3
In vitro studies on Biodegradation of Chlorpyrifos by ??Trichoderma viride and T. harzianum
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1465-1474

K.C. Siddesh1, V.L. Jayasimha2, K.G. Basavarajappa3, N.R. Chandrappa4, G.M. Raju5 and V. Vijayanath6*
One Year Bacteriological Study of Diabetic Foot Infections and its Antibiogram
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1461-1464

Anand Sagar* and Shelly Rana
Antibacterial Activity of Acorus calamus (Linn.), Vitex negundo (Linn.) and Adhatoda vesica (Nees.)
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1455-1460

Nur Ceyhan1*, Dilek Keskin2 and Zuhal Zorlu1
Chemical Constituents and Antimicrobial Activity of the Leaves of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh.), An Endemic Plant from West Anatolia
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1447-1453

R. Sujatha, Kavita Nimboor, Saroj Golia and D. Arunagiri
Comparative Study of Cefoxitin Disc Diffusion Test, Oxacillin Diffusion Test and Oxacillin Screening Agar Test for Detection of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in a Tertiary Care Centre
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1443-1446

S. Chatterjee1*, S.N. Chatterjee2 and S. Karmakar1
Evaluation of the Role of Cassia occidentalis Extracts as Antimicrobial Agents
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1433-1436

Mirza Zaheer Baig* and Smita M. Dharmadhikari
Optimisation of Pre-treatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cotton Stalk
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1437-1441

J.R. Pandya* and A.N. Sabalpara
First Attempt on Collection and Isolation of Trichoderma spp. Native Strains from South Gujarat
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1423-1426

Supriya Devi* and G.D. Sharma
Biological control of Blast disease (Magnaporthe grisea) of rice by some phyllosphere Fungi In vitro
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1427-1431

S.K. Chawda*, B.P. Mehta and A.N. Sabalpara
Antagonism of some Well-known Bioagents against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz. and Sacc. - An Incitant of Castor Anthracnose
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1419-1422

M. Jojula1*, R.K. Venisetty1, M.V. Ramanama2 and S.R. Reddy3
Isolation and Characterization of Mycobacterial Species in Clinically Diagnosed Cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and few associated with HIV Infections
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1415-1418

K.G. RaghuKumar1*, V.L. Jayasimha1, K.V. Yogeesha Babu1, H.P. Niranjan1, K.G. Basavarajappa1 and V. Vijayanath2
Candiduria in Patients Attending a Medical College Teaching Hospital, Davangere
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1409-1413

D.L. Barate1 and C.S. Ukesh2
Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Urinary Tract Infections
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1397-1401

Sagarika Mohanta1*, G.D. Sharma1 and B. Deb2
Isolation and characterisation of endophytic nitrogen fixing bacteria from roots of Cymbopogon species of Barak Valley, Assam
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1403-1407

Ibrahim Khan and M. Musaddiq
Comparative Study of Antimicrobial Agents against Pathogens Associated with Diarrheal Disorders
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1391-1395

M. Kannahi* and R. Arulmozhi
Fungal Diversity from Solid and Liquid Waste of Paper Industry and their Cyanide Degrading Activity
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1387-1390

Sampana Mutalik1, C.S. VinodKumar2, Subramanya Swamy1 and S. Manjappa1
Degradation of Lignocellulosic Feed Stock by Fibrobacter succinogenes in the Production of Anhydrous Alcohol
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1381-1386

S.A. Lakshminarayana1, N.D. Shobha2 and S. Maheshkumar3
Prevalence of Inducible Clindamycin Resistance among Community and Hospital Acquired Staphylococci Isolates
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1375-1379

Patil Rohini Pradeep1 and Deshpande Sunita Dhananjay2
In vitro effect of honey on Aspergillus species isolated from different clinical infections
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1363-1367

S.M. Gogoi* and N.N. Barman
Purification of Cell Culture Adapted Swine Fever Virus by Sucrose Gradient Centrifugation
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1369-1373

Debamita Chakraborty*, G.D. Sharma1 and B. Deb2
Diversity of Free Living Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria in Sugarcane Rhizosphere of Barak Valley, Assam
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1351-1355

C.V. Vidhya1-2 and S. Niren Andrew3
Comparative Study on Antibiograms of Coagulase Positive and Negative Staphylococci Isolated from various Samples
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1357-1361

Sumit Kumar¹, Pallavi Kumari3, P. Mallya Shrikara² and Shenoy Shalini²
In vitro Susceptibility of Dermatophytes to Ketoconazole, Fluconazole and Tolnaftate
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1345-1350

Jitendra Kumar Saini, Arti and Lakshmi Tewari
Simultaneous Isolation and Screening of Cellulolytic Bacteria: Selection of Efficient Medium
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1339-1344

Dawra Romika1 and Sinha Mala2
The Prevalence of ESBL among Enterobacteriaceae in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Gujarat, India
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1333-1338

A. Kuntal1 and Narendra Kumar2
Impact of Metal Ions on the Degradation of Agrowaste by Aspergillus terreus
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1327-1332

N.K. Kalappanvar1, C.S.VinodKumar2, K.G. Basavarajappa2, Chadrasekar Gouli1, D. Sanjay 1 and R. Chandana1
Clinical spectrum of dengue fever and dengue like infection in children, Central Karnataka, India
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1321-1326

Manisha Chaudhary1,3 and M. Suhail1-3
Urinary Tract Infections and Antibiotics Sensitivity among Women of Allahabad Region of U.P. State
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1313-1319

T.A. Dhanalakshmi1, D. Nagarathnamma2, D. Venkatesha3 and H.C. Basavaraja4
Screening Tests for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Pregnant Women
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1309-1312

Nur Ceyhan1*, Dilek Keskin2, Zuhal Zorlu1 and Aysel Ugur1
In-vitro Antimicrobial Activities of Different Extracts of Grapevine Leaves (Vitis vinifera L.) from West Anatolia against some Pathogenic Microorganisms
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1303-1308

K. Aruna* and Prajakta Jadhav
Optimisation of exopolysaccharide production by Klebseilla pneumoniae strain 27F isolated from milk sample
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1289-1295

R. Sasidhara1, B. Vinuthna1 and T. Thirunalasundari2*
Separation of Biomolecules from Ganoderma lucidum with Special Reference to Polysaccharides
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1297-1302

M. Sanjeeva Gandhi* and C. Udayasoorian
Immobilization of Bacillus subtilis on Polyurethane Foam for the Treatment of Pulp and Paper Mill Effluent
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1281-1287

H.S. Nagalakshmi1, Arijit Das2* and Sourav Bhattacharya2
In vitro Antimicrobial Properties and Phytochemical Evaluation of Mature Seed Extracts of Wrightia tinctoria R. Br.
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1273-1279

M. Roja Rani1* and N.N. Prasad2
Screening and Selection of Aspergillus flavus Strain for Alkaline Protease Production by Submerged Fermentation
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1265-1271

Saroj Golia, Vivek Hittinahalli, Mallika Reddy K. and Sujatha Karjigi
Comparative Study of MIC Values of Fluconazole, Voriconazole and Flucytosine to Candida species
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1259-1263

B. Reka and G. Prasanna*
Isolation and Characterization of Endophytic Bacteria
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1243-1250

T. Sai Devi1*, I. Jyothi Padmaja1, Y. Nagendra Sastry1 and A. Nagamani2
In vitro Dose Dependent Study on Anti-Dermatophytic Activity of Annona squamosa Linn. Leaf and Annona reticulata Linn. Bark Ethyl Acetate Extracts against Trichophyton rubrum
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1251-1258

C.V. Kapadia, B. Gandhi, N. Patel, R. Kansara and H. Vaidya
Isolation and Characterization of Thermostable Amylase Producing Bacteria from Hot Water Springs of Gir National Forest
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1235-1341

Minhaj Arshiya, A.R. Suryawanshi*, D.R. More and M.M.V. Baig*
Genetic and Pathological Diversity among Xanthomonas axonopodis pv citri Strains causing Citrus Canker in Maharashtra, India
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1219-1226

S. Velumani*, S. Devi, P. Priyadarshni and Janet Jeyapaul
Analysis of Antimicrobial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized by Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus against Food Borne Pathogens
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1227-1234

G. Pandove1*, P. Sahota1, S.K.Verma2, A.P.S. Brar3 and B.S. Sandhu3
Epidemiology, Virulence and Public health Significance of Aeromonas hydrophila in Drinking Water
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1209-1218

S. Deepa1 and Shobha D. Nadagir2
Community Acquired MRSA - An Alarming Threat
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1203-1207

C. Ravindranath1*, B. Amrutha Kumari1, Saroj Golia2 and D. Venkatesha1
Toxoplasmosis in Pregnancy: A Silent Threat
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1199-1202

Puja Hajela*, Monica Patel and Apexa Soni
Exploring the Biotechnological Applications of Halophilic Archaea
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1185-1197

Hatami Saeideh1, Esmaeili Davoud2* and Fallah Jalil2
Detection of cagA Genome in Sera of Infected Patients to Helicobacter pylori
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1181-1184

R.I. Aboloma
Evaluation of the Microbiological Quality of Ground Nut Cake (Kuli kuli ) Samples Sold in Markets in Ado-Ekiti Metropolis, Ekiti State Nigeria
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1177-1180

Basheer A. Al-sum, Naif A. Al-Harbi, Omar H. M. Shair, Ashraf AtefHatamleh and Mohammed Soliman EL-Shikh
Detection of microbial contamination in drinking water from Dammad City, Jazan, Saudi Arabia
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1171-1175

Seyedeh Nazanin Hajjari1, Maryam Ramezani1*, Abdolreza Sheibanizadeh2, Akram Pourbakht2, Homa Zarrinkoub3 and Mohammad Kamali2
Comparing the Results of Acoustically Evoked Short Latency Negative Responses Recorded by 500 and 1000 Hz Tone Burst
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1163-1169

Alireza Keyghobadi1, Javad Rafinejad2, Saeid Khodadadi3, Khadijeh Shemshad4, Mohammad Dakhili5, Lame Akhlaghi6 and Fatemeh Tabatabaie7
Seroepidemiological Evaluation of Hydatid Cyst in Patients Visited in Qom Health Centers during 2007-2009
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1155-1161

Bahakoula Simon Pierre, Xiaofeng Guo and Zhang Dongxia
Construction of an Indirect ELISA Method for Detection of Antibody of West Nile Virus E Protein
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1147-1153

Lempie K. Ekandjo and Percy M. Chimwamurombe*
Traditional Medicinal Uses and Natural Hosts of the Genus Ganoderma in North-Eastern Parts of Namibia
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1139-1146

Abbas Doosti and Asghar Arshi
Molecular Study for Detection of Chlamydia psittaci caused Abortion in Iranian Cattle
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1133-1138

Iraj Pakzad1,4, Hasan Hosain Zadegan2*, Sohbhan Ghafurian1, Ali Hematian1 and Abbas Ali Imani Fooladi3
Microbiological Pattern and Antibiotic Susceptibility of Isolates from Bronchiectasis
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1127-1132

A.A. Al-Qarawi*, M.A.U. Mridha and O.M. Alghamdi
Diversity of Structural Colonization and Spore Population of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Some Plants from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1119-1125

Sekelwa Cosa and Anthony I. Okoh*
Prevalence of Culturable Marine Actinomycetes Genera in Near-Shore Sediments of Algoa Bay in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1111-1118

Dilek Keskin1*, Nur Ceyhan2, Zuhal Zorlu2 and Aysel Ugur2
Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of Different Extracts of Fig Leaves (Ficus carica L.) from West Anatolia against some Pathogenic Microoorganisms
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1105-1110

Lempie K. Ekandjo and Percy M. Chimwamurombe*
Genetic Diversity of Ganoderma Species in the North Eastern Parts of Namibia using Random Amplified Microsatellites (RAMS)
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1097-1104

Farshid Kafilzadeh1*, Seyedeh Zeynab Hoseyni1 and Sahar Janfeshan2
Study of Acenaphthene Biodegradation by Indigenous Bacteria Isolated from Crude Oil Contaminated Soil around Abadan Refinery (Iran)
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1089-1096

Moslem Parvizi1, Abbas Doosti2* and Payam Ghasemi Dehkordi1,2
Detection of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Staphylococcus aureus Strains Isolated from Cow?s Milk using Multiplex PCR Assay
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1083-1088

A.I. Okoh1, A.A. Adegoke1, O.O. Adesemoye1, O.O. Babalola2, I.N.H. Igbinosa1 and F. Aghdasi3
Escherichia coli, A Beneficial Bug, but a Dynamic Threat to Public Health: Call to Caution
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1069-1081

Faheem Ahmad1*, Olubukola O. Babalola1 and Mansoor A. Siddiqui2
Integrated Approach for Management of Nematodes in Chickpea
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1063-1068

Balaraju Kotnala1, Zhang Kecheng2 and Kyungseok Park1*
In vitro Antagonistic Activity of Chinese Isolates from Herbal Rhizosphere against Major Plant Fungal Pathogens
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1043-1049

A.A. Al-Qarawi* and M.A.U. Mridha
Status and Need of Research on Desert Truffles in Saudi Arabia
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1051-1062

G. Adiguzel1, M. Gulluce2, C. Bozoglu3, D. Yanmis2, A. Gormez4, M. Atasever1 and A. Adiguzel3*
Molecular Characterization of Escherichia coli O157:H7 from Retail Beef in Erzurum, Turkey
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1033-1041

Maha Abd Al-Rahman Abo-Shadi1* and Aisha Abdullah Al-Johani2
Comparison of Phenotypic Screening Methods for Detection of Extended-spectrum b-lactamase Producers among Pediatrics with Bloodstream Infections in a Saudi Hospital
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1021-1032

Mobolaji Felicia Adegboye1, Olubukola Oluranti Babalola1*, Lubanza Ngoma1 and Anthony Ifenyi Okoh2
Analysis of Streptomyces spp. Native to Mahikeng Soils in South Africa
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1001-1010

Samy A. Selim1, Saher M. El-Alfy1, Nashwa I. Hagagy1, Abeer A.I. Hassanin2, Rafat M. Khattab3, El Syaed A. El-Meleigy1, Mohamed H. Abdel Aziz1 and Teresa L. Maugeri4
Oil-Biodegradation and Biosurfactant Production by Haloalkaliphilic Archaea isolated from Soda Lakes of the Wadi An Natrun, Egypt
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1011-1020

Jin Hyun Kim1, Xing Hua Zheng2, Jae Keun Cho3, Myung Suk Sung4 and Ki Seuk Kim2*
Prevalence and Characterization of Extended-Spectrum b-Lactamase among Escherichia coli Isolated from Geumho River in Korea
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 989-1000

Divya Rani Thomas1, B. Sunil2, C. Latha3 and Binoj Chacko4
Microbiological Quality of Different Poultry Feeds from a Retail Outlet at Thrissur, Kerala
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1493-1495

Dwarika Prasad
Antimicrobial activity of Whole plant of Cyathula tomentosa, Bark of Scutellaria scandance and Seed of Cassia fistula
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1497-1499

T. Arul Kumar1*, S.Saravanan1 and M.Sasikala2
Isolation of Salmonella from Broiler Chicken Meat of Local Markets with Reference to Food Safety
Volume 6 No. 3 Page No. 1501-1502

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