Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 6 No. 2,

Haseeb Ahmad Khan1,2
Molecular Identification and Phylogeny of Commonly Occurring Periodontal Bacteria using 16S rRNA Gene Sequences
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 517-523

B.V.E. Viera¹, F. Madayanti¹, I.N.P. Aryantha² and Akhmaloka¹*
Succession of Eukaryotic Communities during Traditional Composting of Domestic Waste based on PCR-DGGE Analysis
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 525-536

Umar Farooq*, Xiaoming Liu and Hao Zhang
Safety Aspects of Lactococcus lactis as a Dairy Starter
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 537-541

Margarida Flores Roza-Gomes¹*, Eliandra Mirlei Rossi², Marciele Bogo³, Michelly Suzanne Zanella4 and Diane Scapin5
Search for Coagulase-Positive Staphylococcus, Salmonella spp. and Listeria monocytogenes from Cockroaches in Residential Kitchens
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 543-549

Kh. Hazrati Tappeh¹ and A. Uner²
Circulating Antigen Detection in Patient Serum for Diagnosis of Cystic Echinococcosis
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 551-556

O.M. Kolawole¹*, J.O. Adebayo², S.O. Oguntoye³, A.I. Okoh¹ and N. Mazomba¹
Haematological Evaluations of the Antimalarial Activity of Bridelia ferruginea Benth Bark
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 557-563

H. Darabi¹, A. Raeisi², K. Shemshad³, F. Pakbaz¹, A.M. Khajeian¹, A.A. Hanafi-Bojd4 and J. Rafinejad4,5*
Malaria in Bushehr Province (2001-2008), Southern Iran: An Approach Towards Elimination
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 565-569

Yahya Islamoglu1, Enbiya Aksakal2, Zekeriya Kaya3, Zuhal Atilgan1, Fethullah Kayan1, Sumen Sunbul3, Kamuran Kalkan2 and Sait Alan1
General Features of Infective Endocarditis in the South-Eastern and Eastern Anatolia: A Retrospective, Multicenter Study
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 571-576

Masoud Rahmani¹, Hossein Afshari², Afshien Esmaili Dahesht³, Abbas Tavakoli Vaskas4 and Davoud Nasiri5*
Evaluating the Antimicrobial Effects of Zataria multiflora Essential Oils on Bacterial Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in Roast-Chicken Fillets
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 577-582

Dilek Keskin¹, Nur Ceyhan² and Aysel Ugur²
Chemical Composition and in vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Walnut (Juglans regia) Green Husks and Leaves from West Anatolia
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 583-588

A.O.Ojokoh* and E.N. Udeh
Microorganisms Associated with the Natural Fermentation of Extruded Sorghum-Soya Blends
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 589-596

Mahboob Ahmad1, Malik M. Ahmad2, Rifat Hamid1, M.Z. Abdin2 and Saleem Javed1*
In vitro Inhibition Study against A. flavus with Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Immobilized in Calcium Alginate Gel Beads
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 597-608

Dudi Hardianto1,2, Marlia Singgih Wibowo1, Amir Musadad1, Wahono Sumaryono2, Juwartina Ida Royani2, and Tutus Gusdinar1
Improvement Lovastatin Production of Aspergillus terreus by pTRLI plasmid Transformation
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 609-613

Qasem Abu Shaqra¹*, Walid Almomani² and Moaz Al Zoubi²
The Dead Sea Water Harbors No Keratinophilic Fungi
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 615-620

L. Arbabi¹, J. Vandyoudefi¹, M. Bouzari², F. Rahimi² and A. Rastegar Lari³*
Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern among Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci Isolated from Meat and Fecal Samples in Tehran Livestock Husbandries
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 621-625

Masoomeh Shemshad¹, Khadijeh Shemshad², Mohammad Mehdi Sedaghat³ and Javad Rafinejad3,4*
Prevalence of Ovine and Bovine Theileriosis in Domestic Ruminants based on 18s rRNA Gene and Microscopic Techniques in Qazvin Province, Iran
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 627-632

Xian-Lin Zhao, Gui-Jun Xue, Yi-Lin Liu, Mei-Hua Wan, Guang-Yuan Chen and Wen-Fu Tang*
Influence of Early Refeeding on Triglyceride in Patients with Mild Acute Pancreatitis
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 633-637

M. Shemshad1, K. Shemshad2 and J. Rafinejad3,4*
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Study on Microbiological Agents Transmitted by Ticks in Qazvin Province, Iran
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 639-643

Komar Ruslan¹, Yaya Rukayadi², Retno Wahyuningsih¹, Marlia Singgih¹ and Elfahmi¹
Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activities of Jatropha curcas Linn. Seedcake from Biofuel Production
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 645-651

Masoud Rahmani¹, Hossein Afshari², Afshien Esmaili Dahesht³, Abbas Tavakoli Vaskas4 and Davoud Nasiri5*
Evaluating the Antimicrobial Effect of Zataria multiflora Essential Oil on E. coli 0157:H7 in MDM (Mechanical Deboned Meat) on Different Days of Storage in Refrigerator
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 653-658

K.C. Edward* and C. Chikwem
The Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Esherichia coli isolated from Street Vendored Vegetable Salad in Umuahia, Nigeria
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 659-664

P.L. Martin, J.D. Uzabakiriho and P.M. Chimwamurombe*
Molecular Identification of Several Leaf Endophytic Fungi in Tylosema esculentum (Marama Bean) Leaves in the Otjiwarongo Area of Namibia
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 665-670

Masumeh Anvari¹*, Najmeh Ranji¹ and Fatemeh Khoshmaslak¹
Antibacterial Susceptibility of Three Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strain Isolated from Northern Part of Iran
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 671-675

J.O. Alegbejo¹ and D.A. Ameh²
Glycaemic Index of Market Plantain in Healthy and Diabetic Subjects
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 677-682

Seda Karasu-Yalcin, Sule Senses-Ergul and Z. Yesim Ozbas
Determination of Some Technological and Probiotic Characteristics of the Yeast Strains Isolated from Traditional Erzincan Tulum Cheese Produced in Turkey
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 683-699

Farinaz Rashed Marandi¹, Mohammad Rahbar1,2*, Rogeih Sabourian1, Mahnaz Saremi1 and Maryam Mir-Mohammad Ali Roodaki
Proficiency of Clinical Microbiology Laboratories in Iran for Perfomance of Susceptibility Testing of Staphylococcus aureus against Methicilin and Vancomycin
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 701-706

Maryam Dehghani¹, Faramaz Masjedian², Reza Mirnejad³*, Abbas Ali Imani Fooladi4 and Setareh Haghighat¹
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns and Distribution of blakpc Genes among Acinetobacter baumannii Isolated from Patients at Tehran - Iran Hospitals
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 707-712

L.S. Garas, J.D. Uzabakiriho and P.M. Chimwamurombe*
Isolation and Identification of Fungal Species Associated with Gall Formation on Acacia mellifera in the Western Windhoek
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 713-716

Mohsen Sohrabi*, Hesam Kamyab, Narges Janalizadeh and Fahrul Zaman Huyop
Bacterial Desulfurization of Organic Sulfur Compounds Exist in Fossil Fuels
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 717-729

Ali Karimi Bakhshandi1, Hamid Reza Ahmadi Ashtiani2,3, Hossein Rastegar4 and Shamsali Rezazadeh5*
Evaluating the Effect of Gontscharovia popovii Essence and Extract on Eight Bacterial Strains and Comparison of the Antimicrobial Effect with Some Antibiotics
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 731-736

Abrar Ali Khan, Anup K. Singh, Ritesh S. Bankar, Priyanka Dutta and Anil M. Limaye*
Production of Extracellular Proteases by Bacillus cereus (Strain PD1) Grown on pH Adjusted Whey
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 737-746

Hamid-Reza Samadlouie and Zohreh Hamidi-Esfahani*
Effect of Plant Essential Oils on Arachidonic Acid and Oil Production by Mortierella alpine CBS 754.68
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 747-750

Masoumeh Navidinia, Abdollah Krimi, Raheleh Radmanesh Ahsani*, Fatemeh Fallah, Saadat Adabian, Mohammad Ali Malekan and Zari Gholinejad
Antibiotic Susceptibility Spectrum in UPEC from Urine in Children with UTI in Mofid Children Hospital
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 751-756

P. Pourali1*, M. Baserisalehi2, S. Afsharnezhad3, J. Behravan4, H. Alavi and BBA Hosseini5
Biological Synthesis of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles by Bacteria in Different Temperatures (37°C and 50°C)
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 757-763

Anthony A. Adegoke¹, Mvuyo Tom² and Anthony I. Okoh¹*
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, A Commensal of Importance to Biotechnology
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 765-772

J.O. Alegbejo¹ and D.A. Ameh²
Glycaemic Index and Blood Glucose Responses of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus and Healthy Subjects to Rice and Beans Meal
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 773-780

Ramasamy Rajeshkumar1,2*, Shitarashmi Sahu2 and Juhie Rani Agharwal3
Biosorption of Cadmium (II) Ions by the Cadmium Tolerant Bacteria Isolated from the Chemical Exposed Soil of Fireworks Industry
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 781-787

Masumeh Anvari
Optimization of Lipase Production from Rice Straw using Response Surface Methodology by Aspergillus niger
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 789-796

Mrinal Kanti Bhattacharjee1*, P.B. Mazumdar and G.D. Sharma2
Isolation and Characterization of Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Beijerinckia from Tea Rhizosphere of South Assam, India
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 797-801

Abbas Maleki, Sobhan Ghafourian, Nourkhoda Sadeghifard, Mahnaz Shafiean, Ali Hematian, Moussa Yaghubizadeh, Reza Mohebi*
Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections among Suspected Referred Patients to Reference Laboratory of Ilam, West Iran
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 803-805

Shampa Anupurba and Tuhina Banerjee*
Drug Resistance in Clinical Isolates of Enterococci with Special Reference to Vancomycin, from North India
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 807-812

Sukhpreet Singh Purewal¹, R.S. Kahlon², R.P. Singh³ and Nikunj Gupta³
Incidence of Drug Resistance among Bacteria Isolated from Neutropenic Cancer Patients undergoing Chemotherapy
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 813-822

Priyanka Priyadarshini, Pratima Ray* and Sukantibala Mohapatra
Bioactive Potential Assessment of Thermophilic Bacteria Present in Different Types of Compost
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 823-828

P. Pallavi, S. Jeevan Chandra and S. Ram Reddy*
Characterization of a Lipase Produced by Bacillus species Strain Lp5
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 829-836

Angira Ghosh, Sourav Bhattacharya* and Arijit Das
Evaluation of Cultural Parameters Involved in the Overproduction of Poly-b- Hydroxybutyrate from Azotobacter vinelandii
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 837-844

Mrugesh Khunt1*, Neepa Pandhi2 and Archana Rana2
Media optimization for lipase from Halomonas salina Mk-23, moderate halophiles isolated from Wild Ass excreta
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 845-850

Arunkumar Mani*, Seetha Gunasekaran, Rajendran Sundarraj, Ramya Swaminadhan and N. Gayathri
In vitro Antibacterial activity of carrot and watermelon juices probioticated using lactic acid bacteria against intestinal pathogens
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 851-858

Swetha Sunkar* and Valli Nachiyar
Endophytes: A Prospective Source of Enzyme Production
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 859-867

G.S. Deora* and Gunjan Vishwakarma
Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activity of Plagiochasma intermedium Lindenb et Gottsche – A Liverwort
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 869-874

N.A. Ghanwate and P.V. Thakare
Study on Biofilm Production by Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Isolated from Tertiary Health Care Centers of Vidarbha and its Correlation with Antibiotic Susceptibility
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 875-879

M. Saraswathi and M.N. Reddy
Morphological and Physiological Characterization of Sclerotium rolfsii Pathogenic to Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 881-887

Manpreet Kour1, I. Soni1 and Rajni Sharma2
Assessment of Biofilm Formation by Enterococcus spp. from Clinical Isolates
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 889-893

M.R. Bhat
Microbial L- Asparaginase an Enzyme with Encrypted Potential
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 895-898

Desh D. Singh¹ and Vinod Singh²
Antimicrobial Potential of Two Solanum species used in Folkloric Medicine
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 899-902

Vandana Magarde1, S.A. Iqbal2, Ishaq Zaafarany3 and Nilofar Iqbal4
Microbiological Aspects of Upper Lake, Bhopal
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 903-911

D. Kannan, V. Jeyanthi Kumariand B. Prathiba
Degradation of Cyanide in Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Plant Leaves by Pseudomonas sp.
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 913-916

Shalini Malhotra, Sanjiv Ahuja, Nirmaljit Kaur Bhatia, Shweta Sharma, Ankit Chauhan and Charoo Hans
Seroprevalence of Hepatitis E from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Central Delhi, India
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 917-920

M. Radha Krishna Reddy and S.A. Mastan
Non Conventional Protein for Human Race from Spirulina maxima
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 921-925

Samreena Baqal and Ujwala Jadhav
Strain Improvement for the Increased Production of Beta-carotene by Rhodotorula minuta (3359)
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 927-930

V. Vidhyalakshmi and I. Jaquline Chinna Rani*
Study on the Detoxification of Chromium by Microorganisms Isolated from Tannery Effluent
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 931-935

Surekha Y. Asangi*, J. Mariraj, S. Krishna, T.S. Kumudini, Nagabhushan and Rashmi
Prevalence of Clinically Significant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci and their Speciation in Tertiary Care Centre
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 937-940

S. Vanitha¹ and A.R. Hanumanthappa²
Seroprevalence of HIV, HBV and Syphilis in Pregnant Women
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 941-944

D.B. Nakade
Studies on Actinomycetes in Rankala Lake of Kolhapur City and their Screening as Potential Antibiotic Producer
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 945-947

A.R. Hanumanthappa1, V.L. Jayasimha2, G. Vishwanath1, K.C. Siddesh3, V. Vijayanath4 and M.R. Anitha5
Dengue and its co Infections: A Six Months Study
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 949-951

D. Kannan and B. Prathiba
Bacterial Decolorization of Textile Dye Effluents
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 953-956

Nisha Mangavil Muraleedharan, Krishnamurthy Kempagangaiah*, Chaithra Krishnamurthy, Trishita Mishra and Shilpa Shree Chunchunahalli Boraiah
Optimization of Growth Conditions for Serratia marcescens (CBCC 47) for Enhanced Insecticidal Activity against Diamond Back Moth (Plutella xylostella)
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 957-961

Ramiz Raja¹, Asif Iqbal², Manzoor Ahmad³, Yasir Hafiz¹* and M.M. Willayat¹
Study the in-vitro Sensitivity of Most Common Biotypes of B. cereus towards Commonly used Antibiotics
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 963-966

R.B. Srivastava¹, P.K. Upadhyay² and S.K. Sinha³
Effect of Nutritional Broth on the Actinomycetes and their Antibiotic Activity
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 967-970

K.N. Basavaraj, B.P.M. Rajendraprasad and M. Veena
Detection of IgM Antibodies to Hepatitis A and E Viruses in Children with Clinically Suspected Infectious Hepatitis
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 971-974

Yasir Hafiz¹*, Asif Iqbal², Manzoor Ahmad³, Najimaana Wani¹ and M.M. Willayat¹
Prevalence of Bacillus cereus in Mutton Tikka and Chutney Samples in Different Seasons in Kashmir Valley
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 975-979

Ali Mehrabi Tavana
Letter to Editor Why Streptococcus pneumoniae is Present in Eye Patients?
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 981

Amrita Kumari Panda and Satpal Singh Bisht*
IUMS 2011 - Meeting Report (International Congress of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology 2011)
Volume 6 No. 2 Page No. 982-984

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