Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 6 No. 1,

Arash Rafat¹*, Koshy Philip¹ and Sekaran Muniandy²
A Novel Source of Bioactive Compounds: Endophytic Bacteria Isolated from Centella asiatica
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 11-20

Jane Mary Lafayette Neves Gelinski¹*, C?sar Milton Baratto², Dirceu Sacaratti³ and Bernadette Dora Gombossy de Melo Franco4
Lactobacillus sakei 2a and its Concentrated Acid Extract on Inhibition of Food-Borne Salmonella strains
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 21-30

DaRong Cheng¹*, ShanYuan Zhu², ZhiRui Su¹, WeiYong Zuo², Jian Wang² and WeiMing Hong²
Prevalence of Virulence Factor Genes in Escherichia coli Isolates from Dairy Cows with Mastitis
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 31-37

Hossein Rastegar¹, Akram Mirzaei², Hamid Reza Ahmadi Ashtiani3,4,5, Mehdi Hedayati6 and Shahin Ahmadi7*
The Effect of Extracted Bacterial Salmonella enteritidis Lipopolysaccharide on Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase in Human Liver Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Lines in Induction and Inhibition Conditions
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 39-45

Hanlin Gong1, Zhiyu He1,2, Wenfu Tang1*, Guangyuan Chen1*, Qing Xia1 and Xi Huang1
Influence of NF-k B-Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide on Intestinal Dysmotility in Severe Acute Pancreatitis
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 47-52

Mohammed S. Al-Saggaf¹, Omar H.M. Shair², Rashead M. Al-ssum² and William Macasero¹
Respiratory Viruses in Gazelles at King Khalid Wildlife Research Centre: Serological Investigation and Surveillance
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 53-58

Ignatius Srianta1,2*, Yohana Novita2 and Netty Kusumawati2
Production of Monascus Pigments on Durian Seed: Effect of Supplementation of Carbon Source
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 59-63

G.O. Ajayi and B. Boboye*
Intracellular and Extracellular Fruit-Peel-Degrading Enzyme Synthesized by Rhizobium species CWP G34B
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 65-68

Maryam Gharachorloo¹, Mehrdad Ghavami¹*, Sepideh Hosseini¹, Mehrdad Azin² and Seyyed Zeading Mazhari¹
Cultivation of Mortierella alpina on Less Expensive Medium-Chemical Evaluation of Produced Oil
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 01-10

Liela Azimi1,2, Nima Khoramabadi3, Ashraf Mohabati Mobarez3, Esmaeil Asli2, Naser Harzandi2, Reza Mirnejad4 and Abdolaziz Rastegar Lari1*
Survey of Protection of Recombinant Cell Surface Protein 31kDa from Brucella melitensis in BALB/c Mice
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 69-73

Ramezan Ali Ataee1, Jalaledin Darakhshanpore5, Ali Mehrabi-Tavana2, Kazem Ahmadi3, Akram Aidei4, Mahmode Salesi1 and Mohammad Hosein Kalantar Motamedi6
Comparison of lipopolysaccharide Agrobacterium tumefaciens and E. coli on TNF- a and Nitric Oxide Production via Mice Macrophages
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 75-84

Mohammad Rahbar1,2, Mona Mohammad-Zadeh3, Hossein Masoumi Asl4, Leila Azimi1 and Abdolaziz Rastegar Lari*1
Evaluation of Five Different Phenotypic Methods for Detection of Methicillin Resistance in Coagulase–Negative Staphylococci (CoNS) Isolated from Clinical Specimens
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 85-90

Arishy M., Omar H.M. Shair*, Rashead M. Al-ssum and Bashir A. Al-ssum
An Assessment of Candidal Vulvovaganitis in Cohort of Saudi Healthy Women
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 91-95

Abbas Maleki¹, Sobhan Ghafourian¹, Nourkhoda Sadeghifard¹*, Iraj Pakzad¹, Reza Mohebi¹, Shiva Hosseini¹, Afra Khosravi¹ and Afshar Alihosseini²
Multiplex PCR for Identification of Vibrio cholerae Genes
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 97-102

Hanane Sayel, Wifak Bahafid, Nezha Tahiri Joutey, Khalid Derraz and Naima El Ghachtouli*
Assessment of Chromium Resistant Bacteria Isolated from Tannery Waste Contaminated Soil in the Region of Fez (Morocco): A Statistical Approach
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 103-109

Anthony A. Adegoke* and Anthony I. Okoh
Studies on Symptomatic Urinary Tract Infection and Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in a University Community
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 111-118

A. Negedu¹, J.B. Ameh², V.J. Umoh² and S.E. Atawodi³
Mycoflora Associated with Stored Wild Castor (Ricinus communis L.) Seeds in Kogi State of Nigeria
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 119-124

L.R. Kido, J.D. Uzabakiriho and P.M. Chimwamurombe*
Isolation and Identification of Pathogenic Fungi Associated with Aloe zebrina Flower Malformation- First Report
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 125-129

K.A. Alabi and B.J. Owolabi
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Property of 2-(2-nitrovinyl) Furan
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 131-134

Fatemeh Farahi1,2*, Esmaeil Asli¹, Ashraf Mohabati Mobarez², Nima Khoramabadi² and Hanieh Aghababa²
Cloning and Expression of Brucella abortus Omp19 an Immunogenic Minor Outer Membrane Protein
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 135-140

Mohadese Mozafari, Parissa Farnia and Ali Akbar Velayati
The Use of DNA Extracts from Ziehl-Neelsen Stained Slides for Spoligotyping in National Reference TB Laboratory of Iran
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 141-145

Juan Li, Han-Lin Gong, Yan-Yi Ren, Mei-Hua Wan, Xi Huang and Wen-Fu Tang*
Influence of Circadian Variation on the Pharmacokinetics of the Components of da-cheng-qi Decoction
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 147-154

Ali M. Tavana¹, Ramazan A. Ataee² and Daoode Esmaili²
Serotyping Distribution of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease (IPD) in Iranian Patients
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 155-160

Faghihi-Zarandi A.¹, M.R. Akhgar² and M. Aghasi¹
Eubacterial Diversity Inside an Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment System Designed to Investigate Degradation of Paracetamol
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 161-169

Ilgaz Akata1, Erbil Kalmis2, Fatih Kalyoncu1 and Mehmet Atmaca4
A Comparative Study on the Growth Rate of Homokaryotic Mycelium Obtained from a Single Spore of Hericium erinaceus Isolates in Different Culture Media
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 171-174

Mohamed Ezzat El Zowalaty*
Alarming Trend of Antibiotic Resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates#
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 175-183

Inderdeep Kaur¹ and Munish Puri1,2*
Plant Extract Assisted Extracellular Tannase Production by Aspergillus Sp MIK23
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 185-194

T.O. Femi-Ola¹* and O.O. Ojo
Partial Purification and Characterization of Arthrobacter globiformis Protease
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 195-199

Hathiyah Mohammed Abu-Thiyab, Omar H.M. Shair*, Rashead M. Al-ssum, Najwa M. Aref and Bashir A. Al-ssum
Functional Redundancy Diversity of Gram Positive Bacteria as Response to Pesticide (Malathion) Exposure in Soil
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 201-207

Rishan Singh
A Bio-chemical and Microbiological Appraisal on the Stability of the Second-line Anti-Tuberculosis Drug, Cycloserine in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 209-211

Lakshangy J. Chari, Saroj N. Bhosle and Sandeep Garg*
Production of Phenolics Under Abiotic Stress by Pisolithus tinctorius PT1 Obtained from Iron Ore Mine
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 213-220

Aparanji Poosarla¹*, C.D.S.L.N. Tulasi¹ and P.R. Rajan²
Isolaton of Soft Corals Associated Fungi from Andaman and Nicobar Marine Water and Screening for Antimicrobial and Protease Activity
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 221-229

C.K. Shivakumar¹, B. Thippeswamy¹, M. Krishnappa² and K.S. Ananthamurthy³
Bioaccumulation Potency of Ecotoxic Heavy Metals by Indigenous Rhizopus and Penicillium sp: A Comparative Study
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 231-239

Pallab Ghosh¹, Sisir Ghosh¹, Pradipta Saha², Shanmugn Mayilraj³ and Tushar Kanti Maiti¹*
The Ascorbic Acid Production in Root, Root Nodule and in Culture by Rhizobium sp. Isolated from the Legume Cajanus cajan (L.) Millspaugh
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 241-248

Nilima S. Shivale* and Avinash Kumar
Study of Microbial Degradation of Caffeine from Different Samples of Coffee
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 249-256

R. Sujatha, Jemima Beryl Mohankumar¹ and P. Shanmugasundaram²
A Study on Toxic Effects and Luxative Activity of Senna (Cassia angustifolia Vahl.)
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 257-264

Kapil Kamble¹*, Ashwini Morey² and Vijaykumar Muley³
Effect of Incubation on DNase Production by a Moderate Thermophilic Bacterium Screened from Arid Land
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 265-269

S. Ganguly* and A.K. Banik
Effect of Antibiotics on Growth and L-glutamic Acid Fermentation by the Mutant Micrococcus glutamicus AB100
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 271-279

K. Sugana Rani and P.V.V Prasada Rao
Evaluation of Biodegradation of Plastics and Polythene Bags from Various Soils
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 281-287

Lakshangy J. Chari, Saroj N. Bhosle and Sandeep Garg*
Antagonistic Activity of Phenolics Produced by Pisolithus sp. PT1
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 289-296

Piyush Sharma¹ and Suchitra Godbole²
Studies on Water Purification using Clay and Organic Waste Products
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 297-302

Supriya S. Upadhye and Rajashree R. Sonde
Degradation of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate by the Bacterial Isolates Obtained from Polluted Aquatic Bodies
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 303-308

Shruti Murthy*, Geetha Bali and S.K. Sarangi
Effect of Lead on Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase and ATPase Activity in Lead Resistant Bacteria, Bacillus cereus
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 309-314

Sabyasachi Chatterjee1*, Juthika Das2, Pranab Roy3 and Agniswar Sarkar4
Isolation and Characterization of Lead Resistant Micro-organism from Industrial Effluent: (A Bioremediation Approach)
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 315-324

Joyline Mascarenhas, Sushma Jahagirdar and Lolly Jain
Analysis and Characterization of Bioemulsifer Produced by Surfactant Degraders
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 325-332

D.K. Kale¹ and P.D. Anthappan²
Sustainable Treatment of Wastewater using Effective Microorganisms
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 333-338

R. Mohana Priya¹, G. Rajalakshmi² and P. Pavithra³
Molecular Profiling of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Isolated from Clinical Samples
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 339-343

C.A. Bhavsar and Tejomyee S. Bhalerao*
Cellulase Production by A. niger on Banana Pseudostem Waste
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 345-350

Parvathy R. Chandran and Jaquline Chinna Rani I*
Isolation, Purification and Characterization of An Extracellular Agarase from Alteromonas sp.
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 351-356

Folguni Laskar*, Thounaojam Nevita and G.D. Sharma
Isolation and Identification of Endophytes from Different Cultivars of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) under Wetland and Upland Conditions in South Assam
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 357-362

Asim I. Shaikh and M. Musaddiq
Antibiotic-EDTA Combination Induced Dispersal of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 363-367

G. Manimekalai* and K. Rabiyathul Bajriya
Potential Deterrence of Trichoderma viride Against Some Fungal Pathogens
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 369-374

Reena Kulshrestha*, Milind Dudhane and Sushma Upadhyay
Microbiological Analysis of Street Vended Sugarcane Juice from Bhilai City, India
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 375-380

B.V. Gopinath and M.A. Singaracharya
Identification of Streptomyces rochei (MMKK5_1492R_S0068) by using 16S rDNA Sequencing Isolated from Coal Fields of Andhra Pradesh
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 381-385

Amar Jyoti Das* and Mohammad Athar
Variation of Antibiotic Sensitivity of E. coli Strain against Norfloxacin Among Two Persons
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 387-393

Sujata Bhattacharjee* and G.D. Sharma
Effects of Dual Inoculation of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (Glomus fasciculatum) and Rhizobium on the Growth and Nodulation of Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L.)
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 395-399

Fatima Khan, Indu Shukla and Meher Rizvi
MRSA Threat in a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 401-406

G.K. Mangala¹, P.N.S. Rao¹, G. Vishwanath¹, K. Suresh¹ and V. Vijayanath²
Inducible Clindamycin Resistance, Glycopeptide Resistance and Mupirocin Resistance in Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Isolated from Clinical Samples
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 407-410

Kavita Dube¹, Jagadish² and Vinitha³
Fighting the Survivor Endodontopathogen..... Enterococcus faecalis
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 411-416

Manuel Thomas1, Ramya Kumaran2, K. Abraham Samuel3 and Punnen Kurian4`
Rattus norvegicus Berkenhout and Zoonoses: A Preliminary Study from Vembanadu Wetlands
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 417-421

Surekha Y. Asangi1*, H. Ravichandra Prakash2, S. Krishna3, J. Mariraj4, R. Ravikumar5 and V. Vijayanath6
Intestinal Protozoal and Helminthic Parasitic Infections in Immunocompromised Individuals
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 423-428

K.G. Raghu Kumar¹, K.V. Yogeesha Babu¹, N.R. Chandrappa², A.R. Hanumanthappa² and V. Vijayanath³
Prevalence of Hepatitis C Virus in a Sample of Pregnant Women in Davangere: Survey by Antibody Detection
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 429-432

B. Sujatha and P. Uma Maheswari Devi*
Antifungal Potential of Papaya Lipoxygenase Metabolites against Phytophthora palmivora
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 433-438

Syed Sajeed Ali and N.N. Vidhale
Characterization and Antifungal Activity of Siderophore Produced by Rhizospheric Pseudomonas fluorescence against Fungal Pathogen of Soybean and Groundnut
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 439-443

Sunita Hanamant Patil¹* and Mohanlal Bansilal Gandhi ²
Studies on Proteolytic Psychrotrophic Stenotrophomonas maltophilia from Milk and Fermented Milk Products
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 445-449

T.S. Dhanaraj¹, K. Murugaiah² and M. Jegadeesan³
Antimicrobial Activity of Ethanol Extract of Mukia maderaspatana (L.) M. Roemer
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 451-454

Vinita Rawat¹, Punam Bisht² and Arundhati Bag²
Inducible Clindamycin Resistance Among Gram Positive Cocci in a Tertiary Care Centre
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 455-458

A.S. Yadav
Symbiotic Effectiveness of Heat Resistant Mutant Strain of Rhizobium sp. (Cajanus) on Pigeonpea under Field Conditions
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 459-462

N. Uma Maheswari* and M. Sherley
Production of Amylase using Potato Waste Under Solid State Fermentation
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 463-466

Rupali J. Mali¹, Archana B. Wankhade¹, Dnyaneshwari P. Ghadage¹, Vrishali A. Muley¹ and Arvind V. Bhore²
Cutaneous Manifestations in HIV Infected Patients in Rural Area
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 467-470

S. Darakshan, S.P. Wani and V. Raghavan
Bacteriological Examination of MCD Drinking Water with Reference to Coliforms
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 471-473

A.R. Hanumanthappa¹*, V.L. Jayasimha², G. Vishwanath¹ and V. Vijayanath
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Amongst the Patients in Burns Unit
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 475-478

S.N. Shah*, S. Kamil and M. Shahnawaz
Prevalence and Seasonality of Fowl Typhoid in Kashmir Valley
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 479-482

Manishi Singh¹, M.P. Singh² and Manika Singh³
Estimation of Serum Vitamin C in Oral Submucous Fibrosis
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 483-486

Najimaana Wani1, Asif Iqbal2*, Manzoor Ahmad³ and S.K. Kotwal1
Assessment of Bacterial Load in Tube Wells, Filling Stations and Drinking Water Sources of Livestock and Poultry in Jammu`
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 487-492

G.K. Mangala¹, N.R. Chandrappa¹ and V. Vijayanath²
Clinicomycological Study of Dermatophytosis in Tertiary Care Hospital
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 493-495

M. Thirumala¹* and S. Vishnuvardhan Reddy²
Production of Poly-(3-hydroxybutyrate) by Bacillus sp. 112A, Utilizing some Waste Starchy Materials
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 497-499

Shivangi Rajput and Ela Tiwari
Study the Effect of Various pH on the Protease Producing Capacity of Bacillus
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 501-503

A. Manohara¹, S. Nataraja² and M. Krishnappa³
Isolation and Identification of Lignin Biodegraders from Leaf Litter
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 505-507

R.B. Srivastava¹, P.K. Upadhyay² and S.K. Sinha³
The Effect of In-vitro Temperature on Actinomycetes and their Antibiotic Activity
Volume 6 No. 1 Page No. 509-511

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