Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 10 No. 2,

R.N. Maurya1, Shiv Bahadur2*, Mani Ram1, R.A. Yadav1, Lala Ram2 and Arvind Kumar2
Growth, Yield and Quality of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) as Influenced by Integrated Nutrient Management
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1619-1622

Saket Kumar1*, Vineeta Singh2, Rajesh Singh1 and Major Singh3
Selection of Effective Fungicide for Colletotrichum capsici Growth and Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Fungicide
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1623-1627

Priyanka Swami1*, Anupam Maharshi2 and Ram Niwas1
Effect of Weather Variability on Phenological Stages and Growth Indices in Bt-cotton under CLCuD Incidence
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1629-1632

Sudhir Kumar1, Dilip Kumar2 and Reeta1
Evaluation of the Bacteriological Quality of Indian Cheese (Paneer) Sold in Some Locations Within Varanasi City
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1633-1636

Surajyoti Pradhan*, J.S. Bohra, Shiv Bahadur, Rajani and Lala Ram
Effect of Fertility Levels and Cow Urine Application on the Performance of Indian Mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czernj. & Cosson]
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1637-1640

J. Raju1, Nagarajappa Adivappar1, K. Jayalakshmi1, P. Narayanaswamy1, H.B. Narasimhamurthy2, S. Shivanna1 and H. Ravindra1
Evaluation of Chemicals and Bioagents for Managing Phytophthora Root Rot and Root-knot Nematode Disease Complex in Capsicum under Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1641-1644

Asmabegaum Biradar1 and Trupti B. Naik2
A Study of Laboratory Profile of Fever with Thrombocytopenia
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1645-1647

Meenu and Neelam Joshi*
Screening and Characterization of Triazophos Tolerant Bacteria from Soil
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1649-1654

Ronak Prajapati*, R.V. Vyas, H.N. Shelat and H.K. Patel
Qualitative Validation of Native Diazotrophs Through nifH gene and Whole Cell Protein Profiling
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1655-1661

Sanjay K. Shahi1, Neeraj Kumar Vaishya2, Anil Kumar Sharma1, P.K. Sharma3, Y.V. Singh3, Jilajeet Dubey1 and I.K. Kushwaha1
Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) on Soil Properties and Performance of Rice Crop (Oryza sativa L.)
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1663-1670

S.R. Macwan, S.C. Parmar, J.B. Prajapati and K.D. Aparnathi*
Evaluation of Cheddar Cheese Whey and Paneer Whey as a Growth Medium for Lactic Acid Bacteria
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1261-1268

Shashi Prabha1, Ashwani Yadav1, Akanksha Sharma1, Hemant Kumar Yadav2, Sujit Kumar1 and Rajendra Kumar1*
Plant Immune System: Plant Disease Resistance Genes and its Applications
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1269-1276

Madhuri Meena*, A.C. Shivran1, P. Deewan1 and R. Verma2
Biofortification of Coriander (Corianderum sativum) Variety with Sulphur and Zinc for Higher Productivity
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1277-1284

Harshraj Kanwar1, Amit Trivedi1, Brajnandan Singh Chandrawat2 and Shanti Kumar Sharma3
Progression of Powdery Mildew, Alternaria Blight and Bacterial Leaf Blight of Cluster Bean in Relation to Weather Parameters
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1285-1292

Vikram C. Solanki* and Prateek Shilpkar
Vermicomposting of De-Oiled Cake of Brassica juncea by Eisenia foetida
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1293-1302

Avinash Kumar Rai, Amitava Rakshit*, Sumit Rai, Manoj Parihar and Visal Seth
Factors Responsible for Phosphorus Uptake Efficiencies of Crop Species in Hot Sub Humid Eco-region of Middle Gangetic Plains of India
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1303-1309

A.S. Thounaojam*, A.D. Patel, A.Y. Makani, N.N. Chaudhary and D.B. Nakarani
Effect of Variety, Planting Material and Plant Growth Bio-regulant on Turmeric Performance (Curcuma longa l.) under Middle Gujarat Condition
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1311-1317

Gagan Kumar1, 2, J.S. Patel3, S.K. Yadav3, Ajay Kumar2 and R.P. Saxena2
Evaluation of Coriander Germplasm Against Stem Gall Disease of Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1319-1324

Achin Kumar1*, Satendra Kumar1, Surya Kant1, Anil Kumar Shukla2, Vipin Kumar2 and Yogesh Pal2
Effect of Different N Levels with and without P and K on Growth, Yield and Acquisition of Nutrients by Mustard (Brassica juncea)
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1325-1332

Vellaichamy Mageshwaran* and Noushad Parvez
Gossypol Detoxification and Lysine Enrichment in Cottonseed Cake by Solid State Fermentation
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1333-1339

Rajalaxmi S. Keshgond1 and S. Lingaraju2
Studies on Biochemical Changes in Fusarium Wilt Resistant and Susceptible Genotypes during Fusarium udum and Heterodera cajani interaction in Pigeonpea
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1359-1366

Punyisa Charirak1, Weerasak Saksirirat1,2*, Sanun Jogloy3 and Suwita Saepaisan1,2
Application of Microorganisms for Induced Resistance in Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) against Stem Rot Caused by Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc.
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 853-863

Wei Su1,2,3,4,Zexiu Li1, Chunzhi Xie2, Bengang Xu4, Yingchun Mu1,3 and Shuyi Qiu1
Isolation and Identification of Aroma-producing Yeast Strain from Black Glutinous Rice Wine
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 845-852

Pornpun Siramon1*, Vittaya Punsuvon2 and Aksorn Riengsilchai2
Optimization of Lipid Production by Mortierella isabellina Using Glycerol, A By-product of Biodiesel Production as a Carbon Source
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 865-870

Jesus A. Salazar-Magallon1, Karla T. Murillo-Alonso1, Laura Lina Garcia1, Guadalupe Pena-Chora2 and Victor M. Hernandez-Velazquez1*
Scale-up from a Shake Flask to a Bioreactor, Based on Oxygen Transfer for the Production of Spore-crystal Complexes from Bacillus thurungiensis
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 871-878

Shehab M. Abd El-Kader1*, Mohammed H. Saiem-Aldahr2 and Osama H. Al-Jiffri2
Biochemical Parameters Response to Treadmill Exercise Training in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 879-885

Ashraf Hussain1, Eugene Boon Beng Ong1, Priscilla Saw Cheah Phei1, Kaizar Hossain2, Prabha Balaram1, Asma Ismail1, Phua Kia Kien1*
Role of TolC in Virulence of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 887-896

Aliaa R. El-Shamy1, Nadia G. El-Gamal2 and Sherien M.M. Atalla1
Effect of Different Agricultural Wastes on Xylanase Production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its Application on Citrus Fruit
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 897-904

Dalia El-Sayed El-Badan, Dunja-Manal Abou-Zeid, Hind Mohamed Hassan and Soraya A. Sabry
Statistical Optimization of Phosphate Solubilization by Erwinia sp.hdds3fr
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 905-914

D.P. Urbina-Flores1, O. Romero-Arenas1, A. Rivera2, C. Parraguirre-Lezama3 and Villarreal Espino Barros O.1,4*
Microbiological and Physico-Chemical Characterization of Soil of an Agroforestry System in Tetela De Ocampo, Puebla M?xico
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 915-922

Weravart Namanusart1, Weerasak Saksirirat1,2* and Waraporn Tanthanuch3
FTIR Spectroscopic Analysis of Luminescent Mushroom (Neonothopanus nambi Speg.) Induced Disease Resistance against Tomato Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita Chitwood
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 923-935

Ashish Gaurav1, M. Afjal Ahmad2*, Hari Singh Meena3, R.P.N. Saxena4 and Pravin Prakash5
Induction of Growth and Physiological Parameters in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) by Plant Growth-promoting Rhizobacteria under Salinity Stress
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 937-940

B.V. Pavitra and M.N. Sreenivasa
Detection and Quantification of Plant Growth Hormones by High Power Liquid Chromatography from Purple Non Sulphur Bacterial isolates
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 941-946

Assiri Klangsawad1 and Petcharat Thummabenjapone1,2*
Antagonistic Streptomyces-PR87 Application, Improves Significantly Growth, Yield, and Fruit Qualities of Greenhouse Tomatoes
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 947-957

Mina Owrang1, Fatemeh Fallah2, Shiva Irani1, Mohammad Rahbar3 and Gita Eslami4,1
Distribution of ISAba1 and ISAba2 among OXA-type Carbapenemase-Producing Clinical Isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii from Hospitals in Tehran, Iran
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 959-966

S.K. Hemida1,2 and M. A. Abdel-Sater2
Biodiversity of Soil and Air-Borne Fungi in the Northern Border Region of Saudi Arabia
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 967-978

Ramezan Ali Ataee1,3, Vahide Zare1*, Alishiri Gholam Hossein2, Davood Esmaeili1,3 and Mahdi Tata3
Real Time RT RCR Detection of mRNA encoding Enterotoxin B Staphylococcus aureus in Synovial fluid of Patients with Rheumatoid arthritis
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 979-986

Wanwisa Dodgson1,2, Nisarat Siriwatanametanon4, Sujira Maneerat1,2 and Jolyon L.A. Dodgson2,3
Rapid Test for Detection of Hepatitis B Virus in Human Breastmilk
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 987-989

Noura El-Ahmady El-Naggar1*, E.A. Metwally2, A.B. El-Tanash2 and A.A. Sherief2
Statistical Optimization of Culture Conditions and Overproduction of Inulinase using Low Cost, Renewable Feedstocks by a Newly Isolated Aspergillus sclerotiorum under Solid-state Fermentation Conditions: Inulin Hydrolysis by Partially Purified Inulinase
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 991-1013

Abdulsadah A. Rahi1* and Magda A. Ali2
A First DNA Sequencing of Hydatid Agent Isolated from Human in Iraq
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1015-1020

Morteza Khani1*, Anis Radbeh2,Hamed Nikzad3, Zinat Mohammadi4,Mohammad Zolfaghari3
Isolation and Identification of Biosurfactant-Producing Bacteria in the Waters of Bandar Abbas and Determination of the Surface Tension Activity
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1021-1025

M.B. Moghadam1, M. Montazer2, A. Nazari3, G. Roshani4 and M. Ataei5
Comparison of RSM and ANN Optimization Methods in Determining Antibacterial Properties of Cotton against E. coli
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1027-1032

Nichapa Pienpatanakij, Napatsawan Armin and Nattamon Niyomdecha*
Comparing the Results of Microbiological Sterilization by Autoclaving in Different Waste Packaging Formats
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1033-1036

Nawaf Raja R. Alshammari1, Samir Qiblawi1, Mamoun Shadeed2 and Ashfaque Hossain1,3*
Synergistic Antimicrobial Activity of Aqueous Extract Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) and Almond (Prunus dulcis) with Amoxicillin Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1037-1041

N. Amruta1, M.K. Prasanna Kumar2, S. Narayanaswamy1, Malali Gowda3, B.C. Channakeshava1, K. Vishwanath1, M.E. Puneeth2 and H.P. Ranjitha1
Isolation and Identification of Rice Blast Disease - Suppressing Antagonistic Bacterial Strains from the Rhizosphere of Rice
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1043-1054

Mukesh Srivastava, Sonika Pandey, Mohammad Shahid, Anuradha Singh, Vipul Kumar, Shubha Trivedi, Manoj Kumar Maurya, Yatindra Kumar Srivastava, Ved Ratan and D.K. Srivastava*
Nanotechnology and Agriculture: A review
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1055-1060

R.K. Naresh1, Ashish Dwivedi1, R.K. Gupta2, R.S. Rathore3, S.S. Dhaliwal4, S.P. Singh5, Pardeep Kumar6, Robin Kumar6, Vikrant Singh1, Vineet Singh1 and Onkar Singh5
Influence of Conservation Agriculture Practices on Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties of Soil and Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics in the Subtropical Climatic Conditions: A Review
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1061-1080

K. Sureshkumar1, B. Hariharan2 and R. Vidyalakshmi3
Microbiological Quality of Fresh Cut Fruit Salad Sold in Thanjavur City
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1081-1087

Showket Ahmad Dar1 and S.A. Padder2
Toxins and Targets of Insecticidal Genes of Entomopathogenic Bacteria: A Review
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1089-1098

G.K. Dhillon1, A. Kaur1, Suresh Bhise2 and P. Ahluwalia1
Synergistic Effect of Spices and Herbs on Rheological and Bread Making Properties of Wheat Flour
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1099-1107

Asma Fayaz, Latief Ahmad and Purshotam Singh
Vermi-Composting: An Effective Technique to Recycle Wastes into Valuable Organic Fertilizer: A Review
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1109-1115

Shilpam Sinha and Richa Raghuwanshi*
Synergistic Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Mycorrhizal Helper Bacteria on Physiological Mechanism to Tolerate Drought in Eclipta prostrata (L.) L
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1117-1129

P.S. Arpitha and G.P. Brahmaprakash
Evaluation of Different Packaging Materials for Microbial Inoculants
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1131-1134

Nargis Alom Choudhury1, Debadatta Dhar (Chanda)2, Nivedita Das Gupta1, Anand Prakash Maurya1, Atanu Chakravarty2 and Amitabha Bhattacharjee1
Characterization of Plasmid-mediated Quinolone Resistance within Clinical Isolates of Enterobacteriaceae: Study from Northeast India
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1135-1139

Shrishti Lingwal1, Vishwanath2, A. Srinivasaraghavan3, Ramanna Koulagi4 and N. Vijay5
Effect of Sterilization on Antifungal Properties of Various Components of Panchgavya-tested Against Rhizoctonia solani Causing Sheath Blight of Paddy
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1141-1145

Ghada A. Youssef
Microbiological Quality and Physciochemical Parameters of Alexandria Drinking Water and Zamzam Water
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1147-1158

Hitesh Jasani1*, Nimita Umretiya1, Darshan Dharajiya1, Manthan Kapuria2, Shilpa Shah2 and Jagdish Patel3
Isolation, Optimization and Production of Cellulase by Aspergillus niger from Agricultural Waste
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1159-1166

P. Onkara Perumal1* and Y. Pydi Setty2
Meta-Analysis of Microarray Data and Integrated Pathway Enrichment Analysis Hints Novel Gene Signatures Associated with Pathogenesis of Obesity in Rattus norvegicus
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1167-1174

Mohammad Shahid, Mukesh Srivastava, Sonika Pandey, Anuradha Singh, Shubha Trivedi, Yatindra Kumar Srivastava, Ved Ratan and D.K. Srivastava*
Influence of Trichoderma harzianum on Wilt Disease in Chickpea Seedlings caused by Fusarium species
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1175-1180

Harshal Kharkar1, Kunal Kale2 and Prashant Thakare2
Molecular Characterization of Pyricularia grisea Isolates using AFLP DNA Fingerprinting
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1181-1188

N. Rani and Yashoda R. Hegde
Investigations on Cultural, Morphological and Pathogenic Variability among Isolates of Fusarium oxysporum Causing Wilt of Fenugreek
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1189-1196

Ankita Sharma, Karuna Dhiman, Zeba Ansari and Poonam Shirkot
Thermostable Lipase Production by Aneurinibacillus thermoaerophilus MBW2 Strain Isolated from Indian Hot Water Spring
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1197-1210

Robin Kumar1, B.P. Dhyani2, Vivak Kumar3, Amit Mishra4, Rajiv Kumar4, Ashish Dwivedi5*, Vineet Kumar2, Lalit Kumar Rolaniya6, Madhuri Gupta7 and Swati Tyagi8
Effect of Fertigation and Residue Management on Performance of Direct Seeded Rice and Soil Biological Health Under Rice Wheat Rotation in Indo-gangetic Plain Zone of India
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1211-1222

B.N. Meena*, R.N. Pandey and Dama Ram
Seed Bio-Priming for Management of Root Rot and Blight of Mungbean Incited by Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid. and Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1223-1232

N.K. Yadav1, K.S. Nirania2 and Anupam Maharshi3*
Evaluation of Cotton Germplasm for Source of Resistance against Cotton Leaf Curl Disease
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1233-1242

Abhishek Mishra, Mohammad Shahid,Supriya Dixit, Sonika Pandey, Mukesh Srivastava and Ved Ratan
Morpho-Molecular Identification of Trichoderma asperellum CA-03/9840
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1243-1250

B.V. Gondhali1*, T.A. More2, R.M. Naik3, K.S. Raghuwanshi4 and P.K. Lokhande5
In vitro Bioefficacy of Different Antimicrobial Peptides Against Different Pathovers of Xanthomonas Using Paper Disc and Micro-Dilution Broth Method
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1251-1260

H.S. Jatav*, S.K. Singh, Y.V. Singh, Alpana Paul, Vipin Kumar, Preeti Singh and Hemant Jayant
Effect of Biochar on Yield and Heavy Metals Uptake in Rice Grown on Soil Amended with Sewage Sludge
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1367-1377

S.R. Macwan, J.B. Prajapati and K.D. Aparnathi*
Hydrolysis of Proteins in Cheddar Cheese Whey and Utilization as a Growth Medium for Lactic Acid Bacteria
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1379-1386

Rajni Chaudhary1, Subodh Kumar2*, H.M. Yathish3, Sivakumar A.4, Chinmoy Mishra5, Amit Kumar6, Anuj Chauhan6, B.Sivamani7 and N.R. Sahoo8
Identification of SNPs in Beta 2 Microglobulin (b2M) Gene and their Association with IgG Concentration in Neonatal Buffalo Calves
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1387-1394

Asif Ahmad Bhat1*, Arvind Kumar2 and Manpreet Kaur3
Effect of Clove Oil on the Oxidative Stability and Microbial Quality of Almond and Walnut Enriched Chevon Nuggets
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1341-1349

S. Karthick Raja Namasivayam1, D. Jayakumar, V. Ramesh Kumar and V. Arvind Bharani
Gum Acacia (GA) Coated Algal Mediated Biogenic Silver Nanoparticles Synthesis (GA-AgNps) for the Potential Pharmacological Activities
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1351-1358

B.V. Gondhali*, T.A. More, S.S.Pawar, S.A. Ranpise and V.G. Khandagle
Standardization of In vitro Regeneration Protocol for Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) var. Bhagwa Using Different Media Composition
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1395-1401

Pradeep Kumar Choudhary1*, Ashok Kumar Bhatia1 and Anjana Goel1
Efficacy of Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activity of Solanum xantocarpum Whole Plant Hot Aqueous Extracts
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1403-1408

C. Shiny Matilda and C. Shanthi*
Evaluation of Suitability of Primary Growth Models to Fit Bacterial Growth Under Metal Stress Conditions
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1409-1414

Manu Sharma1, Smita Singh1, Dilip Kumar1* and Yogesh K. Rathor2
Shelf Life Enhancement of Paneer tikka by Modified Atmospheric Packaging
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1415-1420

H.H. Deshpande1*, P. Jones Nirmalnath2, Madhura A. Sagarkar3 and C.S. Hunshal41Water and Land Management Institute, Aurangabad - 431 005, India. 2-4University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad - 580 005, Karnataka, India.
Dehydrogenase Activity in the Rhizosphre Soils of Sugarbeet
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1421-1425

Neha Bhardwaj1, Priya Batra2 and Vikas Beniwal1*
Biosynthesis, Cytotoxicity and Antimicrobial Effect of Silver Ganoparticle from Polysaccharide Extract of Ganoderma lucidum
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1427-1434

Baljot Kaur1, Monica Sachdeva Taggar2*, Poonam Sharma3 and Manjeet Kaur Sangha1
Purification and Characterization of Extracellular Lipase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa KF 853103
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1435-1442

Sonika Pandey, Mukesh Srivastava, Mohammad Shahid, Vipul Kumar, Anuradha Singh, Shubha Trivedi, Ved Ratan, Manoj Maurya and Y.K. Srivastava
Isolation, Production and Partial Characterization of Extracellular Lipase from Trichoderma Species
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1443-1448

Vora Jinal, Shilpkar Prateek* and Shah Mayur
A Comparative Analysis of Soil Properties Under Organic and Inorganic Triticum aestivum (Wheat) Farm Soil
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1449-1454

Y.V. Singh*, S.K. Singh, Sanjay Kumar Sahi1, S.K. Verma2, R.N. Yadav and P.K. Singh
Evaluation of Soil Fertility Status from Milkipur Village, Arajiline Block, Varanasi, District, Uttar Pradesh, in Relation to Soil Characteristics
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1455-1461

Vipul Kumar1, Adesh Kumar1, Mukesh Srivastava2, Sonika Pandey2, Mohammad Shahid2, Yatindra Kumar Srivastava2 and Shubha Trivedi2
Trichoderma harzianum (Th. azad) as a Mycoparasite of Fusarium and growth enhancer of Tomato in Glasshouse Conditions
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1463-1468

J.P. Misra1, Gyan Manjary Rao1, Ashwani Kumar1, Ashwani Yadav1, Sujit Kumar1, Renu Yadav2, Rajendra Kumar1 and Seweta Srivastava1*
Molecular Assisted Breeding for Ascochyta Blight Resistance in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) - A Review
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1469-1475

Ashish Tiwari1, Shikha Devi1, Shivesh Sharma1*, N.K. Singh1, Kanchan Viswakarma1, Nitin Kumar1, Neha Upadhyay1, Rishi Verma1, Pankaj Verma and Vivek Kumar2
Analysis of Bulk and Pigeonpea Rhizosphere Soil in Middle Gangetic Region of Uttar Pradesh
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1477-1483

Sandeep Kumar, Manmohan Kumar, Vishvendra, Partap Singh and C.S. Prasad
Laboratory Evaluation of the Bio-Pesticide and Synthetic Insecticides against Sugarcane White Grub Holotrichia nagpurensis in Western Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1485-1490

Gyan Manjary Rao1,2*, Gopal Singh1, Prashant Mishra1 and Rajendra Kumar1,2
Identification of Fungal Biocontrol Agents against Sclerotium oryzae Causing Stem Rot of Rice (Oryza sativa l.)
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1491-1496

Mohammad Shahid, Sonika Pandey, MukeshSrivastava, Anuradha Singh, Shubha Trivedi and Yatindra Kumar Srivastava
Trichoderma harzianum Th azad/6796: From Isolation to Bioformulation
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1497-1503

C. Padmapriya* and R. Murugesan
Characterization of Methanolic Extract of Red Pigment from Penicillium purpurogenum and its Antioxidant Activity
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1505-1510

Poornima1, Gururaj Sunkad1, Hari K. Sudini2 and M.K. Naik1
Biochemical Changes in Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Infected by Stem and Pod Rot Disease caused by Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1511-1517

Sitanshu1*, C. P. Srivastava1 and J.P. Shahi2, Shiv Bahadur1 and Rajani1
Screening of Maize Inbred Lines for Resistance to Stem Borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) under Natural Infestation
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1519-1525

S.K. Shukla1, A Chauhan1, S. Shukla2, M. Panigrahi1, B. Bhushan1, S. Maurya1, Sarvjeet1, R. Maurya1, S. Kumar1, C. Prakash3, V.K. Saxena1 and R.V. Singh1
Screening of Bovine Tuberculosis Cattle using the Tuberculin Skin Test in Barsana
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1527-1532

R. Rangeshwaran1* , V. Velavan2, Frenita M. Lewis1, Surabhi Kumari1, A.N. Shylesha1, M. Mohan1, Satendra Kumar1 and G. Sivakumar1
Cloning, Expression and Bioassay of Vip3A Protein from an Indigenous Bacillus thuringiensis Isolate
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1533-1539

Mohammad Shahid, Sonika Pandey, Mukesh Srivastava, Anuradha Singh, Shubha Trivedi and Y.K. Srivastava
Identification of Three Biocontrol Genes (ech-42,chit-HAR3 and Xyn2) Involved in Fungal/ Bacterial Cell Wall Degradation in T.harzianum (Th Azad/6796)
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1541-1546

T.M. Shruthi1, S.L. Budihal1, Sidharam Patil2, C.P. Sankalpa1 and Eresha2
A Comparative Study on Properties of Black Soils Derived from Different Parent Materials
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1547-1552

Ramdayal Meena1, R.P. Andhale1 and Raj Kumar Meena2*
Effect of Shade Net Colours, Its Intensity and Fertilizer Levels on Growth and Yield of Beetroot (Beta vulgaris L.)
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1553-1558

Vijay Prajapati*, N. Sasidharan, Nishit Soni, Ankita Patel and Pravin Prajapat
Genetic Analysis of Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp.) Genotypes for Fusarium wilt using Microsatellite Markers
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1559-1563

Saraswathi1, Vishawanath Shetty1, M. Ashwini2, V.P. Santhosha1 and Netravati3
Studies on Fertilizer Use Efficiency in Ragi (Eleusine coracana L.) Under Rainfed Conditions
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1565-1571

M.R. Aruna1, D.J. Mukesh Kumar2, D. Senbagam3 and B. Senthilkumar1*
Investigation on Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Properties of Tuber Extracts of Pueraria tuberosa Linn
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1573-1578

S.K. Shukla1, A Chauhan1, S. Shukla2, M. Panigrahi1, B. Bhushan1, S. Maurya1, Sarvjeet1, R. Maurya1, Vinay K. Saxena1, S. Kumar1, C. Prakash3 and R.V. Singh1
Detection and Identification of Bovine Tuberculosis in Indian Cattle (Bos indicus)
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1579-1584

Anil Taku1, Gulzar Ahmad Badroo1, Sabahat Gazal1, Irfan Ahmad Mir1, Mohd Altaf Bhat1, Rajinder Kumar Bhardwaj, Rajni Kanta Sharma, Amitoz Kour, Hamid Shah and Faizan Javaid
Prevalence and Bacteriological Examination of Clinical and Sub-clinical Cases of Caprine Mastitis in Jammu, India
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1585-1589

Shubha Trivedi, Mukesh Srivastava, Sonika Pandey, Vipul Kumar, Anuradha Singh, M. Shahid and Yatindra Srivastava
Antagonism and Hyphal Relationship between Trichoderma spp. and Fusarium oxysporum-Rhizoctonia bataticola causing Wilt Complex in Chickpea
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1591-1598

T. Jaya Chandra1*, S. Senthil Kumar1, R. Selvaraj2 and Y.V. Sharma3
Same Day Sputum Smear Microscopy for the Diagnosis of Pumouary Tuberculosis: ZN Staining Versus Reverse ZN Staining
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1599-1602

N.D. Punit Kumar1, C. Karegowda1, K.B. Rudrappa3, M. Mahesh2, T.G. Manu1, R. Murali1, H. Nagaraj1, B. Mahantesh1 and T.H. Kavita1
Influence of Carbon, Nitrogen, Temperature and pH on the Growth of Cercospora nicotianae Causes Frog Eye Leaf Spot Disease of Tobacco
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1603-1606

Yasemin Gulecal-Pektas
Culture-Dependent and Culture-Independent Characterization of Microbial Communities in Hot springs of Bursa, Turkey
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1607-1612

A. Viji Amutha Mary1 and S. Justin Samuel2
Laccase: Production and Purification by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Volume 10 No. 2 Page No. 1613-1617

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